Blacklisted: A Planted Allegory

    David Bachman, Mathematical Anesthetics
  • Mathematical Anesthetics

    [clear] David Bachman, Professor of Mathematics, Pitzer College January 24 – February 27, 2015 Barbara Hinshaw Gallery, Grove House Organized by Pitzer College Art Galleries Comprising prints, flowcharts (graphical algorithms) and objects, Bachman’s work straddles the physical and mathematical world. Through translations of mathematical equations into three-dimensional models Bachman transfigures objects derived from the every […]

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    Wunderkammer Catalog Cover
  • Catalogue – Wunderkammer

    Wunderkammer January 24 – March 26, 2015 Curated by Ciara Ennis Pitzer College Art Galleries 105 pages, with color reproductions, 8″ x 6″ ISBN: 978-0-9966445-0-1 Foreword by Glenn Harcourt Essays by Christopher Michno and Ciara Ennis Catalogue designed by Stephanie Estrada

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  • Cattle in the Amazon

    Jaider Esbell October 10 – November 27, 2013 Barbara Hinshaw Gallery, Grove House; McConnell Living Room, McConnell Center The exhibition presents paintings that reflect on indigenous and global discourses of nature, sustainability, and development in the Amazon. There is a particular concern with the cosmologies and historical experiences of the Macuxi Indians and other groups […]

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    Military: Still from American Sitcom (2014)
  • American Sitcom

    A *candy factory project September 20 – December 5, 2014 Lenzner Family Art Gallery American Sitcom is a new site-specific work by Takuji Kogo and Mike Bode of Candy Factory made for Pitzer College Art Galleries. A multi-channel video installation, American Sitcom uses text animations of transcriptions of monologues taken from online V-loggers’ videos that […]

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    (dis)order: Senior Thesis Exhibition 2014
  • (dis)order: Senior Art Exhibition 2014

    Virginia Anton, Heather Bejar, Juliana Bernstein, Corinne Monaco, Yeyo Nolasco, Maiana Radack Krassner, Maggie Shaffran, Pete Siegel, Elena Thomas, XL Wee, Jaya Williams May 1-17, 2014 Pitzer College Art Galleries: Nichols Gallery, Broad Center Barbara Hinshaw Memorial Gallery, Grove House Salathé Gallery, McConnell Center Virginia Anton I am on a search to understand and accept […]

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    Detail, Black Flag Macramé (2013); Plexiglass mirror, aluminum rod, macramé rope, raku ceramic bead
  • Sleep to Dream

    Site-specific installation by Martin Durazo ’90 January 21-May 17, 2014 Lenzner Family Art Gallery The idea of housing a large population of strangers from varied backgrounds is a time-honored tradition among institutions of higher education. However, as a result of this abrupt integration, the student is torn between desiring social acceptance and the need for […]

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    Catalogue Cover - Andrea Bowers
  • Catalogue – Andrea Bowers

    Andrea Bowers: #sweetjane January 21 – March 28, 2014 Curated by Ciara Ennis and Rebecca McGrew Pitzer College Art Galleries 184 pages, with color reproductions, 11” x 8” ISBN: 978-0-9856251-3-9 Essays by Maria Elena Buszek, Peter R. Kalb Section texts by Andrea Bowers Interview by Ciara Ennis Introduction by Rebecca McGrew Catalogue designed by Kimberly Varella

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