Publishing Against the Grain

Pitzer College Art Galleries, January 26 – March 28, 2019

Opening Reception:
Saturday, January 26, 2-4 p.m.

Organized by the Independent Curators International (ICI), Publishing Against the Grain provides a space for reading, thinking, and conversing, where slowing down can become a form of intellectual resistance. It encourages discursive public participation, self-reflective investigation, and invites visitors to discover new perspectives while connecting differing and analogous spheres of contemporary art. In the context of today’s corporatization and commodification of cultural institutions, and in many political situations where free speech becomes ever more precarious, independent publishing has shown extraordinary vitality and importance as a platform for disseminating alternative, progressive and autonomous positions.

Publishing Against the Grain highlights the current state of publishing and art criticism as it exists in small journals, experimental publications, websites, and radio, as well as other innovative forms. It is organized around projects that connect theoretical, social, political, and aesthetic questions with a focus on community, whether understood in relation to a particular place, or defined in identitarian or diasporic terms. Included in the exhibition are print journals like Makhzin (Lebanon) and Pisegrama (Brazil), alongside more experimental forms like tranzit’s interactive Curatorial Dictionary (Hungary). In bringing these projects together from around the world, Publishing Against the Grain reveals how their material and discursive activities respond to intersecting subjects such as contemporary aesthetics, diaspora, sex and gender, gentrification, race, language, and art history.

Key contributors to Publishing Against the Grain include:

Art Against Art (Germany)
Bisagra (Peru)
Chimurenga (The Chronic / The Pan African Space Station) (South Africa)
Curatorial Dictionary (Hungary)
East of Borneo (United States)
Exhausted Geographies (Pakistan)
Fillip (Canada)
Glänta (Sweden)
Makhzin (Lebanon)
Our Literal Speed (United States)
Pages (The Netherlands / Iran)
Raking Leaves (Sri Lanka)
SALT. (United Kingdom)
Start Journal (Uganda)
Stationary (Hong Kong)
The Trans-African (Pan-African)
Tráfico Visual (Venezuela)
White Fungus (Taiwan)

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