Curatorial Internship Project #3: Julie Heine ’21: Intertext / By the Book

Opening Reception:
Thursday, May 2, 5 p.m.
Nichols Gallery, Broad Center

Inspired by the previous exhibition at Pitzer College Art Galleries, Publishing Against the Grain, Intertext / By the Book also takes the form of a reading room. The room features works that can be defined as either hypotext or hypertext—either “inspiration for” or “inspired by”. In an attempt to expand the framework of intertextuality, Intertext / By the Book applies this literary tool to art. This fosters a historically-informed comparative analysis of artistic and literary processes.

Julie is a sophomore at Pitzer College majoring in art history.

The 2019 Curatorial Internship Project #3 by Julie Heine ’21 is the third chapter in the ongoing series of art exhibitions realized through the Curatorial Apprenticeship course created and taught by Ciara Ennis PhD, Director and Curator, Pitzer College Art Galleries.