FAQ for first time applicants to Pitzer College using IDOC

If I applied to two or more colleges or programs that are IDOC participants, do I send two copies of my forms? If I send only one copy of my forms, will the College Board make my information available to all my colleges or programs?

Send only one copy of your forms. All of your college(s) will have access to the information in your packet that have requested it.

The deadline listed in the IDOC Requirements is different than the deadline on your website. Which one is correct?

The deadline listed in your IDOC Requirements is the earliest due date provided to the College Board among the colleges to which you have applied. Individual colleges may publicize a different date. The date is the correct date for that college. You should submit your documents by the earliest date to ensure that you meet all of your deadlines.

We cannot meet the deadline for filing our information with IDOC. What do we do?

Return the documents requested to the College Board as soon as possible. Contact the Financial Aid Office and explain your circumstances.

What are the consequences of returning the information required by my college or program after the deadline indicated in my IDOC Requirements?

You must contact your college’s financial aid office to determine the consequences of returning documents after the listed deadline. The deadline in your IDOC Requirements is the earliest deadline provided to the College Board from among the colleges and programs to which you have applied. Some of your college(s) or program(s) may have a different deadline.

Is the deadline given in my IDOC Requirements the date that my information must be postmarked or the date that you must receive our documents?

The College Board must receive your IDOC documents no later than the deadline listed in your IDOC Requirements.

If IDOC receives my packet on the deadline date and it takes five days for this information to be sent to you, won’t it be late?

The College Board notes the receipt date of your packet as the day that we receive it from the U.S. Postal Service. Our office is notified of this date and we use it to determine if your information has been received on time. We take processing time into consideration when setting our deadline date. Send in your packet as early as possible to ensure that your packet is received on time. If you have any questions or concerns about meeting your IDOC deadline date, please contact the financial aid office directly.

My parents and I are not U.S. citizens and will not file U.S. income tax returns. I received a letter from the College Board directing me to submit my tax documents through IDOC. Some of the requested documents aren’t applicable to my situation. What should I send to the College Board?

You should submit whatever tax documents you and your parents are required to file in your country. If you and your parents are not filing a U.S., Canadian, or Puerto Rican income tax return, indicate that on the IDOC Cover Sheet by filling in the “Other Signed 2014 Non-U.S. Tax Return” ovals. Return the Cover Sheet and your documents to the College Board at the address on the Cover Sheet. Contact your school to determine if you need to take any further steps to complete your financial aid application.

To what extent should foreign tax forms be translated?

Please translate the name of the form and next to each currency value write a brief English translation of what the value represents. Please write this directly on the tax form that you submit to IDOC. There is no need to translate instructions or other materials.

Should the foreign currency values on my tax returns be converted into US dollars?

No. Do not convert the currency into U.S. dollars.