Study Abroad Semester

Financial aid recipients who wish to study abroad for the semester through a Pitzer approved program are eligible to receive financial aid during their abroad semester.

In general, students who study abroad are eligible to receive the same level of aid while abroad as they would if they were at Pitzer, with two main differences:

While you are abroad, you are unable to work. Thus, this portion of your aid is converted into a grant and added to your Pitzer Study Abroad Scholarship.

Travel Contribution
Your Pitzer Study Abroad Scholarship is increased by $600 to cover your travel contribution fee. Only one travel contribution is covered throughout your time at Pitzer. Students who study abroad for more than one semester will not receive assistance for a second travel contribution.

Students who study abroad are charged for tuition (as if on-campus) and a Study Abroad Program Fee (which is equivalent to the cost of a double room and the 16-meal plan). Students will also see the travel contribution charge for $600.