Pitzer offers a few options over the summer for students to take classes or go abroad. Aid is available to students who receive need-based Pitzer scholarship and were enrolled for at least one semester in the academic year prior to the summer term. Summer aid is not available for coursework completed at other institutions, including The Claremont Colleges.

  • Summer Study Abroad

    Students who wish to participate in Pitzer’s summer study abroad programs are able to go abroad over the summer and earn credits for transfer.

    The cost for summer study abroad are usually comparable to two-course credits.

    Aid Options
    Financial aid for summer study abroad is available to help cover the comprehensive cost of study abroad, which includes tuition, fees, room and board. Grant and loan assistance is available will be based on the student’s need as well as the amount of loans they have already borrowed for the year.

    Aid Application
    In the spring, the Office of Financial Aid will reach out to students whom the Study Abroad Office has identified as participating in a summer study abroad program. Students will receive an email from financial aid asking them to submit a Summer Study Abroad Financial Aid Application. This application is usually available in March and due in April.

    Summer Abroad Policy
    Students who study abroad over the summer receive aid equivalent to 2 courses (part-time) of enrollment. As a result, participants are expected to take one part-time semester some time upon their return (usually the last semester of their senior year).

    Traditional students at Pitzer are eligible for 8 semester of financial aid. By enrolling in summer study abroad, you use half a semester of financial aid eligibility.

    Transfer students at Pitzer are eligible for pro-rated semesters of financial aid based on their courses transferred at the time of admission. By enrolling in summer study abroad, you use half a semester of your pro-rated aid eligibility.

    New Resource Students are eligible for 32 courses of financial aid. If you are a New Resource student, you use the equivalent of 2 courses of financial aid eligibility. These 2 courses count toward your maximum aid eligibility.

    Students who choose to enroll full-time during their part-time semester will be financially responsible for the additional costs.

  • Summer Session

    Pitzer’s summer session is available to help students catch-up or get ahead. Visit Summer Session for more information on courses and other deadlines.


    Please visit Tuition & Fees on the Summer Session website for additional program costs.

    Aid Options
    Financial aid is available in the form of grants and loans to students enrolled part-time for a summer session. Financial aid is only available to cover the cost of tuition for summer session. Assistance is not available to cover room & board, independent study courses, or courses taken another at Claremont College. Financial assistance to students is based on available funding and student eligibility.

    Aid Application
    Students on financial aid can apply to receive assistance for the summer by completing a Summer Session Financial Aid Application. Please return to this webpage in March for a link to the application. This application is usually due in April.