Pitzer Safety Programs


Pitzer Safety Committee
The Safety and Health Committee is organized to adopt, implement and maintain the Pitzer College Illness and Injury Prevention Program. The Safety and Health Committee is a standing college committee, which serves to communicate the health and safety policies of the College. The Director of Campus Facilities serves as the Chair of this committee. The committee members represent staff, faculty and students. The priority of the committee is to insure the safety of the campus community.

Material Safety Data Sheets
Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) shall be kept on hand or requested from the manufacturer by an employer for each hazardous substance in use at the place of employment. The employer shall keep the sheets in binders in the recognized work area. The employer shall also make available, on a timely and reasonable basis, an MSDS on each hazardous substance in the work place upon request of an employee or the employees’ physician. Pitzer College has MSDS binders located in the Maintenance and Grounds offices for their specific product usage. The “master” MSDS binders are located in the Facilities office. There are two binders; one lists products by product name, the other by manufacturer name.

Safety Program Titles

Ergonomic Program
The College is responsible for meeting the minimum requirements for ergonomic standards as mandated by CAL/OSHA, which involves definition, investigation, and evaluation of potential hazard with subsequent appropriate solution.

Hazard Communication Program
This program will inform employees of the potential hazards and safe work practices associated with various products, which are used and stored on campus.

Illness and Injury Prevention
The College develops and maintains this program through the Campus Facilities office. Inspections, quarterly meetings and introductory and refresher trainings are also carried out by the Facilities office along with periodic audits of records and representation on the all College Safety committee.

Managing Workplace Confrontations Program
Preventative measures that can be taken to reduce the risk of workplace violence are provided with this program that informs employees and supervisors of those hazards.