Lockdown Drill

9:40 a.m. • 11.13.19

Goal of the November 13 Drill: TEST your readiness to secure your campus space in the event of an emergency. LEARN how to react when danger threatens.

  • WHAT to do in the event of an emergency. HOW TO RESPOND.
  • HOW to secure your classroom, residence room, office or other space
  • WHEN to activate new electronic classroom door locks
  • WHERE to go when the your receive the emergency notification

Lockdown Drill

  • 9:40 a.m. Campus Safety alert notification – Threat on Campus! – Take action
    • Lock doors & windows
    • Turn off the lights
    • Hide from view
    • Remain indoors and under lockdown until you receive the “all clear” from authorized personnel

LOCK your classroom in case of an emergency.

In an emergency LOCK your classroom.

1. Close Door.

2. Press button above handle.

3. When button turns RED, door is securely locked.

A Few minutes makes our Pitzer campus a safer place!

Emergency Procedures Chart

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Page last updated on October 28, 2019