Student Housing & Dining

Student Housing & Dining

Residence Life – Closing Information

The following information has been developed to assist with planning your departure.  Please review the information in its entirety. If you still need assistance, contact us at [email protected]

Wednesday, March 18  –  ALL RESIDENCE HALLS (including main campus, CCA and the Grove House) CLOSE AT 5 P.M. for Pitzer students

All residential Pitzer students are expected to leave Pitzer, unless approved to remain on campus. Requests to stay must be submitted via your Residence homepage. The deadline to submit requests is Friday, March 13 at noon. 

ResLife Office Hours (E. Sanborn, C300), 909-607,3900

  • Saturday, March 14 – Wednesday, March 18: 9am-7pm
  • Thursday, March 19 onward: regular business hours, 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday

Student Affairs Extend Office Hours (Scott Hall 120), 909-621-8241

  • Saturday, March 14-Sunday, March 15: 9am-7pm

Pitzer Facilitated Storage & Packing

UPDATE: If you are studying abroad in fall semester OR are graduating, you CAN now participate in the “Pitzer Facilitated Storage” if you choose. Please write the word GRAD or FALL ABROAD on the top of your Storage Labels on every item AND on the top of your Storage Log. We will store the GRAD items in a separate location and ask students to pick them up before Aug. 31, 2020 or, if Commencement is rescheduled, we will reconsider a pick-up date based on that information. For those abroad in Fall 2020, we will have your items available for pick-up no later than Friday, January 22, 2021. Any items left after the pick-up deadlines will be donated.

  • The College has decided to facilitate storage for items you are unable to take home, and you should assume you will not have access to those items until you are permitted to return.
  • Items should be packed with the understanding that you may not be returning to campus for this semester. Students will not be able to access their items when they are in storage.
  • The College will be removing these packaged/labeled items from your rooms and storing them in a central storage location. The items will NOT be kept in your room and will be moved, so please ensure they are properly labeled.
  • Those items should be packaged, clearly labeled, and left in your room.
  • Boxes (if needed) and labels will be provided and made available in the ResLife Office, E. Sanborn, C300. Boxes will be delivered to the CCA Community Room as well. NOTE: Not all items need to go in boxes. We will store rugs, bikes, refrigerators, etc. as long as they’re labeled.
  • Please print the information legibly on your belongings, as this will be used to store and retrieve your items.
  • Please note that The College is not responsible for items that are damaged, lost or stolen while left in storage. For that reason, we recommend students take all personal belongings home if possible.
  • All items to be stored must be boxed or packed in luggage or storage bins and labeled with the following information:

First & Last Name

Student ID

Current Building & Room Number

Number of items to be stored (i.e. 1 of 2, 2 of 2)

When you’re ready to leave… (NOTE: Rooms are expected to be cleared out entirely, except for Pitzer storage items)

  • PAS & WES residents can just leave (as long as they’ve completed the online “COVID-19 Checkout/Emergency Housing” application.
  • Mead residents must complete the application on Residence and place their key in the checkout envelope provided on your suite door and place in the key drop-box outside the ResLife Office (E. Sanborn, C300).
  • CCA residents must complete the application on Residence and return their keys to the CCA Housing Office or keys can be dropped off in the rent drop located outside the housing office (building B).

Bollards Hours: THE BOLLARDS ON THE PITZER SERVICE ROAD (the poles that block the road) will be opened/closed at the following times during move out: Friday, March 13 – Wednesday, March 18: 9:00am – 9:00pm

Except for students with permission to remain on campus, swipe access to residential spaces will be removed on Wednesday, March 18 at 5 p.m. from all student accounts, including students who are currently living off campus.

Students remaining on campus will be relocated as we will be consolidating remaining students into fewer residential facilities. Selected facilities will be those that allow College to best comply with public health recommendations for social distancing.

Re-Room Donations

When: Thursday, March 12 – Wednesday, March 18, 5:00pm

Re-Room will be accepting donations from now until Wednesday, March 18 at 5pm in the Mead Hall Lobby, Pitzer Hall Living Room, West Hall Living Room, and CCA Community Room. Large items should be taken directly to the Re-Room storage containers in the Southeast corner of the East Mesa Parking Lot.

Donation items accepted: Books, refrigerators, microwaves, furniture, clocks, lamps, fans, mirrors, small accessories, shoes, clothes, and hangers.Canned goods and other unopened packaged food, which will be donated to Crossroads in Claremont.


If you are leaving your car on campus, close all windows and set your alarm if you have one.  Be sure your car is registered with Campus Safety and that the registration permit is showing. Vehicles should be moved to the East Mesa Parking Lot before departure.

Early Departures

If you have already left campus, please contact our office to discuss your options. 

Using your own storage

If you would prefer to arrange your own storage, please review our website here: Items stored by Pitzer College are not accessible until a return date has been established.


The Pitzer Mailroom will be open on Saturday, March 14 and Sunday, March 15 from 10am-2pm to assist students with shipping, mail forwarding, retrieving mail, etc.

Drying Racks & Compost Bin

If you checked out a drying rack or compost bin from the Sustainability Office, please return it to GSC 200 before you leave.

Dean’s Loan Library Books

If you have books that you loaned from the Dean’s Loan Library, please note that you may return them in the Fall without penalty. If you are not returning in the Fall, please reach out to [email protected] to make arrangements.

FAQs – Residence Life

I’m leaving campus, what should I do? 

  • All students must complete a ‘COVID-19 Checkout/Emergency Housing’ application on their Residence homepage:
  • For all students: Please pack your belongings and make plans to travel home or to another location off-campus as if you do not expect to return here until the fall semester.
  • For students poised to graduate: Please pack as if you will not return to Pitzer for classes. No decision has yet been made about this year’s Commencement ceremonies.
  • There will be no storage available for students who are graduating or not returning for fall 2020. Please make arrangements to dispose of items no longer needed or prepare to pack items to return home with you.
  • Pack your room, donate unwanted items to Re-Room in the East Mesa Parking Lot, pick-up storage boxes and labels from the GSC MPR and/or Residence Life Office.
    • Empty waste bins and recycling bins and take to dumpsters. Do not place in hallways, bathrooms or kitchens. Please take all trash to the dumpsters located in the East Mesa Parking Lot, behind N. Sanborn Hall, or on the Pitzer Service Road.
    • Dispose of all perishable food in your room.
    • Turn in your (clean or dirty) green to-go containers and re-usable cups to McConnell Dining Hall! After the dining hall closes, there will still be blue bins in the McConnell Lobby to collect green boxes.
    • Also, please return any other items that belong to McConnell Dining Hall such as plates, cups, salt and pepper shakers, etc. No questions asked!
    • Residents do not need to return ID cards.
    • Defrost and unplug your refrigerator before your departure.  Personal refrigerators should be taken home or labeled for storage.
    • All residence hall kitchens and refrigerators will be emptied by ResLife staff. Please remove all your food from the kitchens.
    • Pack all medications and essentials to take with you. Entrance to residence halls will be restricted once the halls have closed.
    • Make sure you have removed your bicycle and taken it with you or put it in your room with the rest of your labeled boxes/items for storage.
    • The Residence Life Office will remain accessible to provide limited moving boxes, cleaning supplies, vacuum cleaners, moving carts, and information.
    • Mead Residents: Use the provided key envelope to turn in your Mead keys to the Residence Life Office, E. Sanborn, C300. 
    • Any personal items left in rooms, suites, hallways, courtyards and lounges will be discarded. Please do not leave personal belongings in these areas! Fines may also apply for students leaving items and trash in these areas. 

I need to stay on-campus during this time period for an approved reason

  • Applications are due by noon on Friday, March 13, 2020.
  • Complete the ‘COVID-19 Checkout/Emergency Housing’ application on Residence to be reviewed for permission to stay on-campus.  Student Affairs staff will assist Residence Life in reviewing applications on a case by case basis.
  • Students staying on campus will remain in their current residential room assignment for awhile, but will eventually be consolidated into one building. 
  • More information on dining access will be distributed to those approved.
  • Please reach out to [email protected] should there be any questions about the spring to summer housing transition. 

I live off-campus, do I need to know anything?

  • If you are on a meal plan you will still have access to the dining halls at HMC and Pomona until Wednesday, March 18. After that the meal plans will be turned off.

Can I still go on a spring break trip and then return to campus to move out?

  • If students decide to leave for Spring Break (overnight trips outside of Pitzer), they will not be permitted to return to the residence halls. If students wish to travel over Spring Break, they must move out of their residence hall rooms prior to leaving. 

Can I have guests or visitors come to campus still? 

  • We ask you to be mindful of those you bring into our community and discourage any overnight guests.

I submitted my “COVID-19 Checkout/Emergency Housing” application, but need to change it.

  • Please email [email protected] to have your application put back into “draft” mode for editing purposes. 

How can I access meals during this time? 

  • Pitzer’s McConnell Dining Hall will be closed after dinner on Friday, March 13.
  • Limited dining halls will be open through move out day (Wednesday, March 18 at dinner) for those students on meal plans. See below.
  • For students who are staying on-campus after Wednesday, March 18 for approved reasons, dining services information will be conveyed soon. 
  • The Pitstop Cafe will be closed for the duration

Pomona’s Frary Dining Hours

  • Saturday and Sunday, March 14 and 15
  • Brunch:  10:30am-1:30 pm
  • Dinner:  5-7pm
  • Monday, March 16 – Wednesday, March 18
  • Breakfast:  7:30 am – 9:30 am
  • Lunch:  11:30 am – 1:30pm
  • Dinner:  5-7 pm
  • *NOTE: Frary will be doing “Grab and Go” meals starting on Tuesday, March 17. Their seating area will not be open.

HMC’s Hoch Shanahan Dining Hours

  • Saturday, March 14 to Wednesday, March 18
  • Brunch/Lunch: 12-1 pm
  • Dinner: 5pm-6pm
  • NOTE:
    • During Spring Break the menus will be more limited than during usual times
    • Starting Wednesday, March 18 students will only be able to take “To Go” meals from HMC
    • Starting Thursday, March 19 HMC will ONLY be open for HMC students, staff and faculty

Would I get any reimbursement for housing or meals during this time? 

  • For students who will leave campus due to guidance related to COVID-19, we will provide refunds for a portion of payments made to the College related to room and board.  The offices of Financial Aid and Student Accounts will contact each student by the end of April with specific information about adjustments to their account. 

Is Residence Life staff available during this time? 

  • Residence Life professional staff remains on-call and the ResLife Office in East Sanborn C300 will continue operations with extended business hours.
  • Resident Assistants (RAs) will not be working for the time being. 
  • Campus Safety Dispatch and officers will be available. 
  • Students are recommended to contact via phone at 909-607-3900 or [email protected] with any questions.

What if I think I need to stay in Claremont for the summer?

  • Students who are not exploring summer session are encouraged to contact the Claremont Collegiate Apartments (CCA) for summer leases.
  • More information can be found here:

SCE Electrical Work Reminder

  • On Sunday, March 15, 2020, at 2:00 p.m. – Monday, March 16, 2020, 6:00 a.m., the 5Cs will be operating off TCCS’ backup generators so that Southern California Edison (SCE) can perform maintenance on the SCE’s electrical equipment. With the backup generators, power is expected to remain continuous, however, in order to avoid overloading the backup generators, please conserve electricity by turning off all non-essential appliances and equipment. Additionally, you may notice reduced or no air conditioning and heating. An email will be sent once the repairs are completed.  Should you have any questions, contact Bev Lloyd or Nicole Rocha in Campus Facilities at 909.607.2226.

Is the Housing Selection process for Fall 2020 still happening?

  • Yes, but we will delay all of our deadlines a bit. More information will be sent soon with updated due dates. The process will be delayed at least 2 weeks.