Will there be opportunities for Pitzer students to work for the College remotely? - 08.11.20

Yes.  Student employment provides critical support to achieve the mission and goals of Pitzer College while also providing opportunities for students to feel connected to the College, gain valuable experience, and secure financial support. Student employment positions will be available for fall 2020. Because the College will be operating on a fully remote basis, however, the number of student employment positions will be limited. Please note that a portion of work-study allotments for fall 2020 have been converted to other forms of aid for all students who are eligible for work-study.

What students are eligible to work for fall 2020? - 08.11.20

Positions will be open to enrolled students (full-time or part-time).  Students on a leave of absence for the semester are not eligible to work. Due to tax regulations and other legal barriers, students residing in international locations for the fall 2020 semester are not eligible to work. We deeply regret that this is not a possibility. Students should be limited typically to one position or up to approximately 10 hours of work per week to distribute jobs as widely as possible.

Does the College plan to discount tuition? - 07.14.20

In late June, Pitzer announced a modest 2.2% tuition increase for the 2020-21 academic year. Based on the decision to pivot to a fully online fall semester, Pitzer’s Board of Trustees has decided to roll back that tuition increase and hold it constant at the 2019-20 level. There will be no increase to tuition and fees for the coming year. There will be no Pitzer room-and-board charges in the fall.

For any more questions or for more information, contact treasurers_office@pitzer.edu

How does this impact my financial aid package? - 07.14.20

Students who have already received a financial aid notification will receive an updated financial aid package reflecting changes to the cost of attendance due to virtual learning. Students who have not received their initial notification will receive a financial aid package based on the new cost of attendance for virtual learning.

For any more questions or for more information, contact financial_aid@pitzer.edu

Does my financial aid package cover off-campus housing? - 07.14.20

Financial aid packages will have a room-and-board budget based on a scenario where students are living at home with their families. The Office of Financial Aid is working closely with Student Affairs and Residence Life to address the needs of students who are unable to live at home with family. More information will be released to students on financial aid once details have been finalized.

For any more questions or for more information, contact financial_aid@pitzer.edu