I applied for a leave of absence (LOA) for the fall semester/academic year, but I’ve changed my mind and want to enroll. How do I cancel my LOA? - 08.03.20

We welcome back students who have changed their mind about taking a LOA. To return from LOA or cancel a LOA, students should complete and submit the Notice of Return from Leave of Absence form. The usual deadline for filing this form for fall semester is March 15, but we are permitting students to return from LOA or change their minds about LOA until the start of fall semester. However, there are no guarantees about class availability for students who are returning from LOA or have changed their minds about taking a LOA this semester. In addition, financial aid information and final billing may be delayed.

For information on returning from leave or changing your mind about a LOA, please contact registrar@pitzer.edu.

I am a first-year, new transfer, or new New Resources student who decided to defer, but I have now changed my mind and would like to enroll. What do I do? - 07.18.20

We welcome any first-year students who wish to enroll this fall semester. All currently deferred students who now wish to enroll should contact the Office of Admission to reverse your deferral decision by Thursday, July 30. Please email santiago_ybarra@pitzer.edu or applicant@pitzer.edu to start the enrollment process. We may be able to accommodate new enrollments after this date, but we cannot guarantee the same access to courses, including first-year seminar choices. Students who enroll after the start of Orientation (July 27) will have the opportunity to view orientation activities, as these are all being recorded. You will also have the opportunity to make up any missed placement exams. If you are still having trouble deciding what is the best decision for you, contact the Dean of Faculty’s Office at DOFcore@pitzer.edu. We are excited about next semester and welcome the conversation with you.

Can new students, New Resources Students (NRS) and transfer students defer enrollment until spring? - 07.14.20

Yes. For the 2020-21 academic year, all new students (first-years, NRS and transfers) will have the option to defer their enrollment for the fall semester. First-years can defer for one semester or the entire academic year. Transfers and NRS may defer for one semester. In order to defer, please email santiago_ybarra@pitzer.edu or applicant@pitzer.edu.

Can current students take a leave of absence? - 07.14.20

Pitzer’s leave of absence (LOA) policy can be found in the college course catalog. In brief, Pitzer students can take a LOA for 1-2 semesters, and even more in extenuating circumstances. LOAs processed before the start of the semester do not impact financial aid. Students apply for a leave by completing and submitting the Application for Leave of Absence form and also alerting their adviser of their plan. This form is available by logging into MyCampus2 and clicking on the “Student Forms” tab.

This form is available by logging into MyCampus2 and clicking on the “Student Forms” tab.

Students who want to take courses elsewhere during a LOA and transfer them back to Pitzer should carefully review the transfer credit policy before applying for a LOA. Students may transfer a total of 2.0 credits for courses taken during the 2020-2021 academic year and all transfer credits require approval by a Pitzer field group. That is, there is a limit on transfer credits and also no guarantee that courses taken elsewhere will be accepted for transfer to Pitzer.

For any more questions or for more information, contact registrar@pitzer.edu