Where can I find information on the fall semester class schedule and the different meeting times for classes? - 08.13.20

This information is available on the Registrar’s website under the menu for Academic Calendar Fall 2020 and Fall 2020 Timeslots and Meeting Dates.  It is important to note that there are two different Saturdays that serve as regular class days (for classes that meet on Tuesday or Friday).  And, even though November 23 and 24 are Monday and Tuesday, those days serve as meeting days for Wednesday and Thursday classes.

Where can I find the updated course schedule for fall semester? - 08.03.20

The updated fall course schedule for all of the undergraduate consortium colleges is available on the portal. In addition, the Pitzer Registrar’s website contains information on important dates for the fall semester and also about class meeting times. Finally, many Pitzer faculty have provided updated course logistics and descriptions for their fall classes. These descriptions can be found in a view-only Google document

For information about the fall schedule or registering for all classes, please contact registrar@pitzer.edu.

I am an international student and would like to take courses in my home country this year. Will I be able to transfer credits from these classes to Pitzer? - 07.29.20

Pitzer’s transfer credit policy permits international students to take courses in their home country and transfer them to Pitzer. However, students are allowed to transfer a total of 2.0 credits for classes they take anywhere during this academic year. Students should consult with their academic advisers in developing a plan that makes the most sense for them in terms of taking a leave of absence or pursuing coursework elsewhere. Students should seek pre-approval from the relevant field group for any courses they plan to take and transfer to Pitzer. Field groups decide which courses can be transferred to Pitzer as well as counted toward major/minor requirements.

For more information, read the current transfer policy.

How will the Pitzer educational experience be translated online? - 07.14.20

All educational objectives of the College remain unchanged. Pitzer will continue to provide small classes that cover all graduation requirements, one-on-one faculty mentoring and advising, and individual support from student affairs staff. Many curricular innovations and co-curricular programs will inform this semester. Zoom enables greater global connection with networks of scholars, authors, activists and artists, as well as allowing students to connect with community groups in different locations.

For any more questions or for more information, contact dofcore@pitzer.edu

Will First-Year Seminar offerings be available in the spring? - 07.14.20

There is a possibility that a limited number of First-Year Seminars (FYS) will be offered in the spring semester. First-year students are expected to enroll in an FYS in their first semester, and the bulk of these seminars are offered at the same time during the fall semester. Having a common meeting time allows seminar instructors to coordinate guest speakers and special events, and thereby build bridges across classes. Furthermore, these First-Year Seminars are writing-intensive courses. In addition to covering interesting and timely topics, participation in FYS introduces incoming students to the Pitzer academic community and a faculty mentor, while also helping to set up students for future academic success.

For any more questions or for more information, contact dofcore@pitzer.edu

Will classes vary in the way they are taught? - 07.14.20

Yes, they will vary in some ways. Many will take advantage of global networks of scholars, activists, etc. to bring in virtual speakers. Others have chosen topics relevant to understanding today’s challenges and are finding ways to explore them creatively through virtual means. Some classes dealing with shared topics such as civic engagement may offer multiple course sections at the same time so they can share guest speakers, workshops and common projects. Faculty have been working on this all through the summer. Low student-to-teacher ratios, personalized feedback and depth of relationships between professors and students will remain the same.

For any more questions or for more information, contact dofcore@pitzer.edu

How will students engage with the Community Engagement Center (CEC) and interact with our community partners? - 07.14.20

The CEC is revamping its website to streamline connections between students, faculty and partners around a variety of modalities and issues, and will post these changes here when they are complete. For now, see CEC’s Continuing Community Engagement Online presentation.

For any more questions or for more information, contact cec@pitzer.edu

Will students be permitted to take courses at their local universities or community colleges? How will those credits be counted at Pitzer? - 07.14.20

Incoming students who defer are not permitted to take classes at another school and transfer them to Pitzer.  If they do, they will need to reapply for admission as a transfer student. 

Meanwhile, continuing students are permitted to take classes at another regionally accredited college or university, but they are limited in the number of credits allowed to transfer to Pitzer this year.  Specifically, students are allowed to transfer up to a total of 2.0 Pitzer credits (i.e., 8 semester units or 12 quarter units) for coursework completed during the fall and spring semesters (or fall, winter, and spring quarters) of academic year 2020-2021.  Students should not assume that classes taken elsewhere will be accepted for transfer credit at Pitzer.  Transfer credit requires approval by a faculty member in a relevant discipline, and field groups may have stringent requirements on transfer credits and the classes that can be used to meet major/minor requirements.  Furthermore, classes that are accepted for transfer do not always count as full Pitzer credits.

Pitzer’s transfer credit policy can be found at http://catalog.pitzer.edu/content.php?catoid=11&navoid=730#Transfer%20Credits and information on transfer credits for the 2020-2021 academic year can be found at www.pitzer.edu/emergency/category/covid-19/returning-students/.   

For questions about transfer credits or for more information, contact registrar@pitzer.edu.

Will all courses be recorded to accommodate different time zones? - 07.14.20

Online classes will make use of asynchronous tools such as recorded lectures and discussion boards. Faculty are redesigning their classes now and have been encouraged to balance accessibility and accommodation with having class components that are engaging and personalized and that build connections between students in a class and between students and faculty.

For any more questions or for more information, contact dofcore@pitzer.edu

Will the graduation praxis component have any other way to be completed if the CEC is at limited capacity? - 07.14.20

The Community Engagement Center has ramped up its work with partners who are in need of even more significant help during this time. CEC has a host of virtual community engagement opportunities that are components of SRX courses this semester and that can be done remotely. Please check the CEC website for those opportunities. We will work with students who find themselves unable to complete the requirement due to COVID-19.

For any more questions or for more information, contact dofcore@pitzer.edu

What will IGLAS programs look like in the fall? - 07.14.20

While there are no Institute for Global/Local Action & Study (IGLAS) trips scheduled for the fall, IGLAS will work with Study Abroad on future trips. IGLAS will continue to oversee the Office of Fellowships and Scholarships, the IGLAS fellows program, and work with first-year students and prison education initiatives, including at least 14 Inside-Out classes being taught this year via Zoom.

For any more questions or for more information, contact dofcore@pitzer.edu

Will students still have access to the Writing Center? - 07.14.20

The Pitzer Writing Center will offer comprehensive virtual writing support after the semester begins. This includes one-on-one video conferences with peer Fellows trained to work with writers on assignments across the disciplines and at any stage of the writing process, from brainstorming ideas to polishing a final draft. The Writing Center will also continue to host a wide range of virtual workshops and events, including regular “write-ins” that build community and foster resilience around the writing process. Specialized consultations will be available for senior thesis and multilingual writers. In addition, a research librarian will offer weekly video consultations on all aspects of the research process. Writing Center Fellows will continue to participate in a rich learning community dedicated to social justice-oriented writing pedagogies.

For any more questions or for more information, contact writing@pitzer.edu

What are the starting and ending dates of fall semester? - 07.14.20

Classes will begin on Monday, August 24, and instruction will conclude on Tuesday, November 24. Fall Break was eliminated, and Saturdays, September 12, and November 14, were added to ensure additional instructional days. Final exams and assessments will be conducted remotely and completed by Friday, December 4. This schedule was adopted by the 5Cs under the presumption that students would return to campus. It was developed to limit the possible spread of the virus from holiday travel and to avoid having students on campus during the projected height of the flu season. Please visit the Academic Calendar Fall 2020 for key dates: www.pitzer.edu/academic-calendar/

For any more questions or for more information, contact dofcore@pitzer.edu