What is the modified P/NC policy for the fall 2020 semester? - 11.19.20

Pitzer College faculty voted on 11/12/20 to modify our P/NC grade policy for this semester (Fall 2020).  The modifications permit students to take up to three-fourths of their courses P/NC, extends the deadline for the submission of signed P/NC forms to December 7, 2020, and requires students to consult with their advisor – and to document this consultation – in making decisions about taking courses P/NC. The P/NC grading option is subject to instructor approval, and applies to all courses, including courses required to meet Pitzer major/minor or other graduation requirements.  Some parts of the current policy are unchanged. Specifically, a P grade is given for work equivalent to a “C” letter grade or better, and P/NC grades do not impact a student’s GPA.  Also, please be aware that off campus (non Pitzer) majors have their own restrictions and may not permit courses graded P/NC to count toward requirements.   

For any classes that students wish to take a P/NC grading option, they should submit to the Registrar 1) a completed P/NC form approved by the course instructor and 2) a copy of an email from their advisor confirming that they have consulted with the student.  These materials should be compiled and submitted together no later than December 7, 2020.  The Revised P/NC Policy for Fall 2020 is shown below and is posted on the Registrar’s website

“Students may, with instructor’s approval, take no more than three-fourths of their courses on a P/NC basis in the fall 2020 semester, including courses that are required for a student’s major, minor, and graduation. To do so, students must obtain the instructor’s signature on a P/NC form available from the Registrar’s website.  The deadline to elect to be graded for a course on a P/NC basis, done by submitting a form to the registrar, is December 7, 2020. Courses that instructors have already designated as P/NC do not count towards the three-fourths of course credits students may designate this semester as P/NC. Students must also have their advisor email the registrar letting them know that they have discussed with their students the possibility of an Incomplete, Pass/No Credit, Withdrawal, or leaving their grading policy for the course(s) as it currently stands. This policy will have no effect on students’ ability to take courses P/NC in future semesters.” 

Message from the Academic Deans Regarding the Spring 2021 Academic Calendar - 10.20.20

To: Students, Faculty, and Staff of the Claremont Colleges
From: Academic Deans Committee (ADC)
Re: Academic Calendar for the Undergraduate Colleges, Spring 2021

After careful deliberation and consultation, the Academic Deans Committee recommended—and the Presidents’ Council approved—four changes to the published Spring 2021 academic calendar for the undergraduate colleges of the consortium.  We wish to recognize that our institutions and our faculties approached the Spring academic calendar with diverse viewpoints and concerns before reaching these decisions.

To ensure that opportunities for cross-registration are preserved, this calendar has been adopted by all of the undergraduate colleges—CMC, HMC, Pitzer, Pomona, and Scripps— and will be utilized whether or not students are able to return to residences on any or all of our campuses.  This schedule also represents our best judgments at this time regarding the path of the pandemic and its implications for academic work and life in our community. 

The following four changes to the spring academic calendar include:

  • In anticipation of continuing pandemic challenges, the start date of the spring semester for CMC, HMC, Pitzer, Pomona, and Scripps colleges will be delayed from Tuesday, January 19, to Monday, January 25.
  • The last day of classes for the semester will be Thursday, May 6, followed by one Reading Day on May 7. 
  • Final exams, for all students including seniors, will begin on Monday, May 10, and conclude on Friday, May 14. 
  • The spring semester will have three days of break, spread across the semester, rather than our conventional weeklong break at mid-semester. These periodic breaks, which allow for some rest and rejuvenation, will accommodate the later semester start without extending into the summer months and negatively impacting student internships, employment, and/or research experiences or faculty research opportunities nor impinging on current dates for commencement. In addition, given the possibility of in-person residential life, a redistributed break will encourage students to remain close to campus and minimize both the risks and undue effects of travel during this pandemic. This recommendation about spring break, in particular, was made with input from faculty from the different undergraduate colleges and after consultation with our colleagues from Student Affairs. 

Claremont Graduate University and Keck Graduate Institute will preserve their previously published catalogues and work with any undergraduates enrolled in their courses around differences between undergraduate and graduate schedules. 

We appreciate your continued understanding and flexibility as we move forward together into spring.

Modification to the Transfer Credit Policy for Academic Year 2020-2021 - 07.23.20

Policy Modification. On July 17, 2020, the Pitzer College Faculty Executive Committee approved a modification to the current transfer credit policy that applies to all current students regardless of the College Catalog language in place at the time of their original matriculation. Specifically, a student will be allowed to transfer up to a total of 2.0 Pitzer credits (i.e., 8 semester units or 12 quarter units) from an institution of higher education for coursework completed during the fall and spring semesters (or fall, winter, and spring quarters) of academic year 2020-21. This modification was adopted to facilitate academic continuity for students while also serving to maintain the academic quality and integrity of the Pitzer College educational program and degree.

Implementation. Students who intend to transfer course credits to Pitzer should seek pre-approval from the relevant field group(s) before enrolling in courses at another institution. The Pitzer field group will determine the criteria for approval of transfer credit but all requests for transfer credit (pre-approvals and requests for transfer credits) received in the Registrar’s Office after July 17, 2020 will be considered under this policy modification. However, any student who had fall 2020 or winter/spring 2021 courses pre-approved for transfer credit by the relevant field group and had this approval on file in the Pitzer Registrar’s Office prior to July 17, 2020 will be allowed to transfer the approved credits (i.e., the approved credits, even if greater than two, will be “grandfathered” for acceptance as long as the classes are successfully completed with grades of C or above).

Background & Rationale. The modification does not change overall flexibility in the current policy that permits up to 16 Pitzer equivalent courses be accepted for transfer credit, except for New Resources students who may transfer up to 24 Pitzer equivalent course credits (see http://pitzer.catalog.acalog.com/content.php?catoid=11&navoid=730#Transfer%20Credits). The modification also does not change procedures in the current policy that specify that a faculty member representing the appropriate discipline (field group) must approve each transferred course, and that field groups may apply additional and more stringent criteria to determine whether a course can be accepted for transfer credit or count toward major/minor requirements or other graduation requirements. Transfer credit does not calculate into a student’s Pitzer GPA. Furthermore, the Leave of Absence request and approval process is separate from the Transfer Credit approval process. Students take leaves of absence for a variety of reasons that have nothing to do with attempting to transfer course credits (see http://pitzer.catalog.acalog.com/content.php?catoid=11&navoid=730#loa).

To support the transfer credit policy and signal to students the stringent requirements for transfer credit pre-approval for courses taken outside of Pitzer, field groups are encouraged to insert the following or similar language into field group descriptions: “Pitzer College field groups have a responsibility to preserve the academic integrity of the Pitzer educational program and degree. All courses proposed for transfer credit to Pitzer College require pre-approval by the appropriate disciplinary field group before the course is taken and transfer credit requested.”