Residence Life Updates – Food Service, Mead Furniture & CCA for Fall 2021

Monday, June 14, 2021 

Dear Returning Students for Fall 2021,  

As you consider your “next steps” in our housing selection process, we wanted to provide more information to returning students about food and dining services options, new Mead suite furniture, and the Pitzer @ Claremont Collegiate Apartments (CCA) experience. Although our plans on these topics are still ongoing, and will respond to local health guidance, we felt it was important to give an update with what we know as of now to help students use this information during the housing selection process. We welcome your questions and feedback on these updates as we want them to be informed by student input!  

Food and Dining Services 

(NOTE: The exact dining hours, dining options, and food service plans are subject to change throughout the summer and fall semester as we gain student input, analyze student usage, and review updated guidance.) 

  • As a reminder, for Fall 2021 Pitzer students will not have access to the other Claremont Colleges’ dining halls/cafes. And conversely, other Claremont Colleges students won’t have access to Pitzer dining hall/cafes. We remain committed to returning to “crossover dining” (i.e. Claremont Colleges students eating at any Claremont Colleges dining hall) for Spring 2022, pending discussion with the other campuses.
  • Goals: To provide healthy, delicious food safely with dietary options available 
    • Food Service Venues: McConnell, Pit-Stop, Shakedown, with some extended hours, one way circulation, and new service styles  
    • Payment: no-touch card tapping using Pitzer ID card or Apple Pay 
    • Safety: social distancing, sanitizing, and personal protective equipment by all 
    • Outdoor dining only: increased outdoor furniture to accommodate outdoor eating (this decision will be reevaluated as new LA County Department of Public Health guidance is released) 
    • Sustainability: recycled and recyclable tableware, new trash compacting trash bins and composting options  
  • Types of Food Service Overview 
    • Served, to-go meals during regular meal periods from McConnell Dining Hall 
    • Meal swipe replacement options and individual items to purchase at the Pit Stop Cafe 
    • Meal swipe replacement options and late-night food service from the Shakedown Café  
    • Quarantine/isolation housing meal delivery 
  • Food Services Venues and Sample Menus 
    • McConnell Dining Hall  
      • Hours: Typically open for three set meal periods (breakfast, lunch and dinner) on weekdays and two meal periods (brunch/dinner) on weekends (Saturday/Sunday) 
      • Concept: Quick serve with choices of appetizer, entrée, dessert (2-4 options for each), food placed in a to-go container by staff and passed down the hot line with one-way circulation in the east door, along the hot line, and out the west door, indoor dining area closed for now 
      • Refresh: In McConnell a refresh is currently underway to upgrade finishes and lighting and improve circulation in the space, as well as to provide new furniture for when indoor dining restrictions are lifted by LA County 
    • Pit Stop Café 
      • Hours: Typically open 8:30-4:30 pm, Monday-Friday (hours may be adjusted)  
      • Concept: Outdoor snack bar concept, order outside through a window, pick up at other window, can use flex/credit card for individual items or a meal swipe for a set meal package  
    • Shakedown Café 
      • The Shakedown will be operated by Bon Appetit beginning Fall 2021. Discussions on future involvement of student employees in the Shakedown will continue. 
      • Concept & Hours: Discussions on extended hours are in progress. 
    • Grove House 
      • At this time the Grove House kitchen will not be used for food service this fall semester due to space restrictions and the need to follow COVID-19 safety guidelines. 
  • Meal Plan Options 
    • 16 meal plan – 16 meals in a one-week period (Sunday-Saturday) including $160 flex dollars per semester OR 
    • 12 meal plan – 12 meals in a one-week period (Sunday-Saturday) including $120 flex dollars per semester OR 
    • 5 meal plan – 5 meals a week (Sunday-Saturday), no flex dollars (only available to CCA residents, off-campus students, or those who have been approved for a reduced meal plan) 
    • More information on meal plans, flex, and Claremont Cash.  
  • Students with Special Dietary Needs 
    • The dining hall has vegetarian and vegan meal options for each entrée.  
    • Students who are on a special diet, need a higher caloric meal, or have specific food allergies are encouraged to indicate this on their Housing Application. Students with these special needs should contact Pitzer’s Dining Manager, Toni Morbitt, to discuss meal accommodations prior to arrival for Fall 2021.  
    • Students who may want to apply for a reduced meal plan based on dietary needs should email [email protected] for this application.  
  • Meal Periods and Card Swipes 
    • Typically, students can only use their 5, 12 or 16 meals per week during designated meal times in the dining hall (3 meal periods on weekdays and 2 meal periods on weekends). For a total of 19 meal periods each week. 
    • This Fall 2021, students will be able to get a meal using one of their meal swipes at McConnell, the Pit Stop Café AND the Shakedown Café during extended hours. 
    • This means students can use a meal swipe for one complete meal.  
  • Using Flex Dollars (Board Plus)  
    • Students will still be able to use their $120 flex dollars (for 12 meal plans) or $160 (for 16 meal plans) for individual items at the Pit Stop Café and Shakedown Café or to purchase an additional meal in any Pitzer venue. The flex cost of a meal can be found here.  
  • Academic Break Periods 
    • Pitzer will continue to offer food service on the meal plan throughout the Fall, Thanksgiving and Spring Break periods. Food service during this time will likely include adjusted dining schedules, pre-ordering, grab and go style, etc.  
  • Student Survey 
    • Student feedback on our fall food services plans, and Reopening Campus generally, can be submitted to this online survey

Mead Suite Furniture 

  • As previously mentioned, Mead Hall has received some wonderful upgrades over the past year, including remodeled suite restrooms and new furniture.  
  • As you consider your housing options, we wanted to share the final selection for the Mead Suite furniture. This furniture was selected in collaboration with Residence Life staff, the Student Voice Committee, and the Facilities team. 
  • Each 8-person common suite in Mead will have: 3 comfy lounge chairs, 2 side tables, and one study table with four chairs.  

Pitzer @ Claremont Collegiate Apartments (CCA) 

  • Pitzer @ CCA Overview:  
    • Pitzer has a long-term master lease with CCA, a third-part managed apartment complex, to offer apartment-style living close to campus to returning Pitzer students. Living at CCA is a great step towards independent living as students will experience apartment-style amenities with full kitchens, all utilities included, and housing dates that match the academic calendar (no need to find someone to take your summer sublease!) 
    • CCA has great amenities including FREE LAUNDRY, free printing, onsite gym, fully furnished rooms and common areas, high speed wi-fi, coffee and tea bar in the CCA office, community gas grills, and more!  
    • In Fall 2021, we anticipate that over 150 Pitzer students will reside at CCA. Approximately 110 Pitzer students will be in single rooms (in 2 bed/1 bath or 3 bed/2 bath units) and around 40 students will be in double rooms (in 2 bed/2 bath units). The 2 bed/2 bath units also have a common room!
    • Additionally, almost all of the other bed spaces at CCA will be occupied by Scripps College students next fall, making CCA an almost completely undergraduate community for the first-time.  
    • Pitzer will have three Resident Assistants (RAs) living at CCA to support the community as well as a live-in professional staff member, Cortlyn Raymond, Coordinator for Student Engagement. These staff will collaborate with Residence Life and Campus Life to bring activities, events, support and resources to Pitzer students residing at CCA.  
    • The CCA management staff is excited to work in conjunction with Pitzer Residence Life to ensure Pitzer (and Scripps) residents feel a sense of community through programming. There will be a variety of social interactions, activities, and educational programs implemented to make residents feel welcomed, included, and happy in their new homes. There will be virtual and in-person options, chances to win gift cards, food parties, DIY events, a free coffee station in the office and much more. 
  • CCA transportation options and updates  
    • We have heard from students living at CCA in the past, and from Student Senate this past year, that transportation between CCA and Pitzer is an important element of the choice to live at CCA. With this in mind, Student Affairs, the Treasurer’s Office, and Facilities has been partnering with student representatives on transportation solutions. Although some of these conversations are still in progress, the following options are being explored for potential availability in the Fall:  
      • CCA Shuttle: 
        • We continue discussions with the other Claremont Colleges about the potential for a shared shuttle to CCA as well as to other college-sponsored housing located away from the main Claremont Colleges campuses.  
      • Campus Safety, Safe Escort Program:  
        • Campus Safety will continue to provide free, 24/7, on-demand, no questions asked safe rides on-campus and to and from CCA to the Colleges.  
        • More information can be found on Campus Safety’s website under “Types of Services”.  
      • Green Bike Program (GBP) Loaner Bikes: 
        • The College is committed to increasing the number of loaner bikes GBP has available to students and is encouraging prioritization of CCA students in the lottery process. These bikes will come equipped with safety equipment including a helmet, bike lock, and lights.  
      • Claremont Dial-A-Ride: 
        • This is a local service provide in collaboration with the Pomona Valley Transportation Authority and is an affordable alternative to Uber/Lyft. More information can be found on their website.  
        • Zipcar 
        • We are exploring adding Zipcar stations at CCA and at Pitzer for students who may wish to use this service.  
      • Foothill Transit  
        • All Claremont Colleges students are eligible for a free Class Pass to access Foothill Transit buses.  

Other Fall 2021 Planning  

  • We plan to have a centralized Pitzer Pathway Forward website with more Fall 2021 plans available for students in late June, after mid-June guidance is received from LA County Department of Public Health.  
  • As always, much about fall semester remains to be determined including COVID-19 related health and safety measures on-campus (e.g. social distancing, face coverings, guests, gatherings, etc.). We encourage students to stay tuned to their email for updates as we have them. 

We look forward to our return to campus and we appreciate everyone’s patience throughout the process. As questions emerge, please reach out!  

Our best, 
Residence Life, Facilities & Dining 
Kirsten, Josh, Patrice, Mark, and Toni 

Josh Scacco, M.Ed. (He/Him/His) 
Associate Director of Residence Life 

Kirsten Carrier, M.S. (she/her/hers) 
Associate Dean of Students and Director of Residence Life and Conference Services 

Patrice Langevin 
Architect | AIA | LEED AP BD+C 
Assistant Vice President of Campus Facilities 
Pitzer College Facilities and Campus Services

Mark Crawbuck 
Senior Director of Facilities, Safety, and Event Management 
Pitzer College Facilities and Campus Services 

Tonian Morbitt 
General Manager 
Bon Appetit Management Company at Pitzer College