Updates to COVID-19 Procedures

February 12, 2021

Dear Pitzer Community;

As the pandemic continues, we remain focused on the health and safety of everyone in our community. As such, we have further developed the processes and protocols for visiting and working on campus this semester in conjunction with medical services by Hamilton Health Box.  As of January, Pitzer has contracted with Hamilton Healthbox, medical provider, to assist with pandemic related needs for the campus with a focus on employees. Our new, full-time Hamilton Health Box nurse, River Santee, is now on campus in West Hall Q222 and can be reached by email at [email protected] or by phone, 909-607-2180. We are excited to have River working with us and welcome her to Pitzer! River will be our employees’ first point of contact for covid related concerns going forward.

There are some changes to procedures for faculty and staff who are working on campus:


  1. REQUIRED: Complete state mandated Cal/OSHA COVID-19 Training.  Click here to access the Training online.  This is an interactive training video that will take approximately 20 minutes to complete.  Once you have completed the training, email your certificate of completion to [email protected]
  1. Cal/OSHA also requires employers to adopt a COVID-19 Prevention Plan (CPP), which includes training for all employees who are working on site.  You can view Pitzer’s CPP plan here.  
  1. Please review the most current update of the Workplace Health and Safety Protocols, available here.


Complete the Health Screening Survey.  The platform for this form will be changing to our Healthy Pitzer tool (Qualtrics), beginning this Monday (February 15, 2021).  Located at www.pitzer.edu/healthypitzer

You can also access this form by:

  • Using the link on Pitzer’s main website under Resources > Daily Screening Form
  • Adding this link to your mobile phone
  • Scanning the QR code on the signage outside campus buildings (note: existing QR codes on entryways have been reconfigured to point to the new platform.)
  • Using the iPad Kiosk near the timeclock in McConnell Basement Timeclock (for those without smart phones or computer access)

For more instructions on how to use the new form, please visit:  https://www.pitzer.edu/information-technology/covid-19/


The first time you use the new screening tool, you will be asked to sign five documents (this only is needed once a year). 

  1. Return to Campus Acknowledgement Form – this form details Pitzer’s expectations for COVID-19 exposure management practices (wearing a mask, washing hands, etc.) and compliance with testing, contact tracing, and isolation and quarantine requirements, as applicable.
  2. Confidentiality of Medical Information consent form – California law requires consent for Hamilton Health Box (HHB) to share COVID-19 information with Pitzer.
  3. HIPAA Consent Form – The Federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) also requires consent for HHB to share COVID-19 information with Pitzer. Note:  “COVID-19 Information” is described in the Healthy Pitzer app.
  4. HHB Privacy Practices Acknowledgment – this form describes HHB’s information privacy practices and your rights with respect to that information.
  5. HHB Specimen Collection and COVID-19 Testing Consent – this form authorizes HHB to conduct COVID-19 testing and, if needed, engage with you in the contact tracing process and other follow-up measures as indicated by the test results.

Once signed in to Healthy Pitzer, after you complete consents, this platform gives access to the health screening survey form, this platform will allow you to manage your personal COVID-19 data; including (eventually) scheduling on-campus testing, receiving test results, and communication/reminders about testing. 


Our HHB nurse, River Santee, will begin a pilot of 11 staff to begin testing the week of February 15, 2021. By month end, we will be implementing a screening testing plan for all other employees coming to or living on campus.

For technical guidance on using the new Pitzer Healthy platform or completing your Cal/OSHA Training, please contact our Pitzer Help Desk ([email protected]). For questions about consent, policies, protocols, and expectations, please contact Human Resources ([email protected]).  For COVID-specific medical concerns, contact River Santee at [email protected].

Thank you all for your ongoing patience and resilience at this hard time.  Be well, Laura

Laura A. Troendle
Vice President for Finance, Administration and Treasurer