Will students be permitted to take courses at their local universities or community colleges? How will those credits be counted at Pitzer?

This post has been archived. The information below may be outdated.

Incoming students who defer are not permitted to take classes at another school and transfer them to Pitzer.  If they do, they will need to reapply for admission as a transfer student. 

Meanwhile, continuing students are permitted to take classes at another regionally accredited college or university, but they are limited in the number of credits allowed to transfer to Pitzer this year.  Specifically, students are allowed to transfer up to a total of 2.0 Pitzer credits (i.e., 8 semester units or 12 quarter units) for coursework completed during the entire 2020-2021 academic year, including summer 2021.  Students should not assume that classes taken elsewhere will be accepted for transfer credit at Pitzer.  Transfer credit requires approval by a faculty member in a relevant discipline, and field groups may have stringent requirements on transfer credits and the classes that can be used to meet major/minor requirements.  Furthermore, classes that are accepted for transfer do not always count as full Pitzer credits.

Pitzer’s transfer credit policy can be found at https://pitzer.catalog.acalog.com/content.php?catoid=14&navoid=1152#Transfer%20Credits

For questions about transfer credits or for more information, contact [email protected].