Frequently Asked Questions for New and Returning Students

This post has been archived. The information below may be outdated.

We have a team of Pitzer College faculty and staff called the Coronavirus Task Force helping manage the planning and implementation of Pitzer’s path to reopening.

This is so Pitzer. Faculty, students and staff from every corner of the Pitzer Campus community come together every week to consider new information and evaluate actions in response to COVID-19, assign tasks and advise College leadership on how to proceed down unfamiliar paths.

The Task Force is vital to our preparations and planning for the eventual re-opening of campus. Each member brings their expertise to each challenge and helps us make better decisions. 

Q1: Does Pitzer make its own decisions or in collaboration with others?

That’s an important question. As a member of The Claremont Colleges consortium, we work through issues in collaboration with the 7Cs and our community peers. Representatives of all seven institutions confer daily to share information and strengthen our foundation for decision making. Together, we make more informed decisions. In the end, we take all of that input and make the right decision for Pitzer.

Q2: Will Pitzer bring students back to campus this fall? 

We will resume in-person classes on campus when the state, local and campus leadership determine that Pitzer can do so in a sufficiently safe manner. 

The reopening will also depend on whether the health care resources available in Los Angeles County can provide adequate patient care should the number of COVID-19 cases rise to a dangerous level. Will conditions be safe in the fall? We don’t have enough information to say yet.

Pitzer is planning for many contingencies due to the unpredictable end of this pandemic. Planning to enthusiastically welcome students back to campus in the fall semester is one such scenario. 

Pitzer faculty continue to do extraordinary work in their online teaching experiences for students. We believe that every Pitzer student deserves the most exceptional educational experience for which Pitzer is known around the world. Right now, it looks like we won’t know for some time, but we will be planning for several different possibilities. 

We remain confident that we will be together in person eventually.

Q3: When will Pitzer make a decision about returning students to campus?

We continue to gather information critical to making this decision in collaboration with our Claremont Colleges partners. This information includes consultations with experts in multiple areas, information that changes as the pandemic evolves. We will make a decision when we have sufficient health, safety and expert information AND time enough to provide notice to students and families to arrange their safe return to campus. 

Q4: What is Pitzer College’s plan if state or county governments order the continuation of Stay at Home restrictions?

Pitzer’s priority is the safety of our students, faculty and staff.

We will, of course, comply with any state and local health orders so that we continue to prioritize the safety of our community and that of our neighbors.

Q5: Is Pitzer considering discounting or otherwise reducing tuition?

We are evaluating ways to help students continue their Pitzer education. We don’t yet have sufficient information about what the next academic semester will look like for students and faculty to propose a specific plan.

Q5: Are students, faculty and staff going to be safe at Pitzer?

Yes, students are our top priority at Pitzer. Our facilities professionals are meticulously cleaning, disinfecting and maintaining the Pitzer campus in the best possible condition in anticipation of students’ return. Planning and preparations are underway for adapting learning, residential and dining spaces to accommodate best physical distancing practices. The reopening will require significant changes to the way we interact, learn and socialize as a community. All of us at Pitzer share this responsibility.