Leaves of Absence and Transfer Credits Quick Guide

This post has been archived. The information below may be outdated.

Leaves of Absence. Pitzer has not adopted any new procedures or policies for leaves of absence; information on these policies is readily available on the college website. Pitzer students can take a leave of absence for 1-2 semesters, and even more in extenuating circumstances. Students apply for a leave by completing and submitting the Application for Leave of Absence form and also alerting their advisor of their plan. By taking a leave of absence, students can re-enroll at Pitzer later and without having to re-apply for admission. Students can find the Leave of Absence form on the Student Portal. Log into MyCampus2 and click on the “Student Forms” tab.

Transfer Credits. Pitzer students who take and pass classes at other regionally accredited colleges and universities while on leave from Pitzer – either online or in-person — can count these classes toward Pitzer credits, and in some instances, may count the classes toward units in a major/minor. However, ALL transfer courses while on leave require approvals from the advisor and faculty in the field of the course. There also are limits on how many course credits can be accepted as transfer credit, and some Field Groups have restrictions on courses that can be taken online or at other schools and counted toward major/minor requirements. Transfer classes can be used to fulfill major/minor requirements only with the approval of the advisor and Field Group. The Transfer Credit policy is currently under review and changes will be posted as soon as they are available.

Information on transfer credits can be found at catalog.pitzer.edu/content.php?catoid=11&navoid=730#Transfer%20Credits. Meanwhile, the Transfer Credit Approval Form can be found on the Registrar’s forms page. Students are not allowed to transfer units to Pitzer that were taken as study abroad classes while on a leave of absence from Pitzer. Pitzer offers a large number of study abroad opportunities, and student participation in these programs is approved through an application process. Study abroad options are severely curtailed now due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Nonetheless, more information on Pitzer study abroad can be found at www.pitzer.edu/study-abroad/ or by emailing studyabroad@pitzer.edu.

Registrar Contact Information. More information on leaves of absence and transfer credits can be found at the Pitzer Registrar’s website: www.pitzer.edu/registrar; specific questions can be sent to registrar@pitzer.edu.