Optional Extension of Faculty Reviews

This post has been archived. The information below may be outdated.

Earlier this semester, I asked APT and FEC to consider timelines for faculty contract renewals and tenure reviews, and how we might respond to the disruptions from COVID-19 while supporting faculty in their professional development and career trajectories. APT developed and approved (on 4/24) a recommendation that was subsequently approved by FEC (on 4/29). Specifically, APT and FEC have endorsed an optional extension of review clocks as described below. I thank APT and FEC for their work; my office will move forward with implementing this optional extension for faculty who request it.

COVID-19 has affected many aspects of our professional lives, and faculty are understandably concerned about the effects this global disruption may have on their ability to build the dossiers that will be reviewed by APT. Therefore, APT recommends that faculty of Pitzer College have the option of extending their clock for review and promotion by one year if they so desire. Thus, for these faculty members, any subsequent review selected by the candidate may be delayed by one year. Anyone who wishes to come up for review on their original schedule would be able to do so. The decision about whether or not to extend a review clock would have no bearing on tenure decisions. The goal of this policy is to facilitate faculty success at the College in light of the unique circumstances.

The option to delay one review by one year would apply to any Pitzer faculty whose appointments began between 2008 and 2020, including those with rolling contracts. Those who are scheduled to begin review in the fall of 2020 will be asked to inform their field group and the office of the Dean of Faculty by July 1, 2020 if they wish to extend their review clock by one year. Each spring (usually early February) the office of the Dean of Faculty will send out reminders to faculty who are scheduled for review the next academic year. At that time the faculty member may respond that they would like to move forward with their review as scheduled or that they would like to delay by one year. This delay would extend their review clock by one year and any faculty member opting to extend their review clock must therefore acknowledge that they accept timelines and procedures that differ from those laid out in the Faculty Handbook. However, it is not intended that in requesting delay the faculty member would waive the right to continue future reviews on their original schedule; they may elect to revert to the original schedule in a subsequent review. We encourage ongoing discussion between the faculty, their field groups, and the office of the Dean of Faculty to determine the best possible review schedule for each individual.

Approved by APT, 4-24-2020
Approved by FEC, 4-29-2020
Posted by Dean of Faculty, 5-4-2020