Point People for Requests

Dean of Faculty’s Office
If you are not sure whom to contact, please e-mail dofcore@pitzer.edu or dial 621-8218, and your inquiry will be directed to the appropriate person.
All phone numbers are 909 area code. From on-campus phones, dial the last 5 digits.
Academic Program Reviews
WSCUC Liaison Officer (ALO) Marco Antonio Cruz 607-9645
WSCUC Steering Committee Chair Melinda Herrold-Menzies 607-7960
Academic Advising Melinda Herrold-Menzies 607-7960
Assessment Marco Antonio Cruz 607-9645
Book Orders Faculty A-Z
Classes and Classrooms
Class Cancellations Designated F.A.A.
Classroom Changes Designated F.A.A.
Committees – General
Assignments, Eligibility, Notifications
Minutes, Standing Committees – Collect and Post to Sakai
Year-End Reports for Standing Committees – Collect and Post to Sakai
Committees – Membership and Support
Academic Standards Committee – Support 621-8217
Appointment, Promotion, and Tenure Committee (APT) – Support Shelva Paulse 621-8278
Campus Life (Related Reimbursement Requests) – Support Natalie Rosales 607-3450
Curriculum Committee – Dean of Faculty Representative 621-8217
Educational Policy Committee (EPC) – Support
Faculty Executive Committee (FEC) – Support Susan Catone 621-8217
Faculty Meeting – Support Susan Catone 621-8217
Institutional Review Board (IRB) – Chair Thomas Borowski 607-3808
Teaching and Learning Committee (TLC) – Support Natalie Rosales 607-3450
Course Catalog, Collect and Publish Changes Registrar’s Office 607-2650
Course Forms, Collect and Process Registrar’s Office 607-2650
Course Syllabi, Collect and Post on Sakai Designated F.A.A.
Dean of Faculty’s Office
Appointments with the Dean/VP for Academic Affairs Susan Catone 621-8217
General Information Carlos Alvarez 621-8218
Reception Carlos Alvarez 621-8218
Desk Copies Faculty A-Z
Faculty A-Z Maintenance Carlos Alvarez 621-8218
Faculty Files & Reports
Appointments to View Files Carlos Alvarez 621-8218
Annual Reports – Collection Susan Catone 621-8217
Sabbatical Reports – Collection Susan Catone 621-8217
CVs – Collection Susan Catone 621-8217
Faculty Handbook Shelva Paulse 621-8278
Faculty Hiring Requests, Adjunct Shelva Paulse 621-8278
Faculty – Pre-Tenure Mentoring & Support
Shelva Paulse
Faculty APT Reviews Shelva Paulse 621-8278
Faculty Searches Shelva Paulse 621-8218
Faxes: Send/Receive for College Business Duplicating 621-8461
Fellowships: Student Outreach, Programming, and Advising Sandy Hamilton 607-9108
First-Year Seminars Brian Keeley 607-4235
Immigration Concerns for Faculty Deanna Caballero 607-8533
Mailboxes and Keys Carlos Alvarez 621-8218
Meetings: Online Meeting Scheduling Software Instruction Designated F.A.A.
New Faculty
Office Hours and Class Schedules, Collect Designated F.A.A.
Payroll: Student Hires (non-work-study) Natalie Rosales 607-3450
Personnel Files & Faculty Reports
Appointments to View Files Shelva Paulse 621-8278
Annual Reports – Collection Susan Catone 621-8217
Sabbatical Reports – Collection Susan Catone 621-8217
CVs – Collection Susan Catone 621-8217
Photocopying Duplicating Services duplicating@pitzer.edu
Postings and Notices Designated F.A.A.
Printers and Copiers, Troubleshooting and Supplies Designated F.A.A.
Printing Envelopes and Letters on College Letterhead Designated F.A.A.
Proctoring Exams during Emergencies Designated F.A.A.
Reimbursements and Honoraria Natalie Rosales 607-3450
Research and Grant Opportunities
External Grants Cece Manoochehri 607-8618
Pitzer Research and Award Fund, Faculty and Students Natalie Rosales 607-3450
Room Reservations Online Reservation System 607-2226
Eligibility Questions Shelva Paulse 621-8278
Notifications, Approvals Susan Catone 621-8217
How to Apply Susan Catone 621-8217
Scholar-in-Residence Program Susan Catone 621-8217
Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Deanna Caballero 607-8533
Website – Academic Affairs Pages Carlos Alvarez 621-8218