Academic Calls from the Dean of Faculty

See the Budget and Financial Services page for funding calls and opportunities.

Semester and Annual Calls

CallCall DateDeadlineRequired MaterialsSubmission Details
Junior Faculty Annual ReportAugust 2022September 9, 2022Report and CVFor questions, contact
Summer Espinoza
Director Nominations
September 2022October 10, 2022See call when available
For questions, contact
Summer Espinoza
Semester Syllabi–
September 2022n/aSubmit a text document or website link.Email
[email protected]
Glass Humanities Director August 31, 2022September 26, 2022See call for nominations when available (August 2022)
For questions, contact
Summer Espinoza
Course Evaluation Forms–FallOctober 2022n/aComplete the Course Evaluation Request formCourse Evaluation Request Form
Avery Exchange Program November 2022Please contact the Dean of Faculty and the relevant department
chair at CGU to discuss your interest.
To apply, follow the link to the application here.
Semester Syllabi– SpringJanuary 2023Syllabi or link to a personal website Email
[email protected]
Summer Session Course Proposals January 2023See call when available (course form and appropriate attachments)Email
Phil Zuckerman
Claremont Faculty Leadership Program February 2023March 2023See call for nominations when available Email
Phil Zuckerman
Scholar-in-ResidenceFebruary 2023March 2023See call for nominations when available
Faculty-in-ResidenceFebruary 2023March 2023See call when availableSubmission Form
Course Evaluation Forms–SpringApril 2023May 2023Complete the Course Evaluation Request form Course Evaluation Request Form

Year Round Calls

CallDeadlineRequired MaterialsSubmission Details
Student Technical Assistant Hire Request Year-Round Submission Form
Year-RoundInformation coming soon.
For questions, contact
Summer Espinoza
Faculty Dependent Care Support Program (HR) Year-Round Submission criteria (PDF)Submission Process