Frequently Asked Questions for Faculty Applicants


How often are new Faculty positions posted?
Faculty position vacancies are posted on our website as they occur.

I found a position for which I would like to apply. Are you still accepting applications?
We are accepting applications for all positions currently posted on our website. Please note that postings are on our website until the application deadline or until the position is filled. The posting may then close at any time.

Who do I address my cover letter to?
Please address your cover letter to:

Title of search
Search Committee Chair
1050 North Mills Ave.
Claremont, CA 91711

How long does the hiring process usually take?
Each field group (faculty department) has different hiring needs, so the length of the hiring process will vary depending on the position.

What happens after I submit my application materials?
Application materials are reviewed by the search committee and then forwarded through channels of college governance, with the exception of the equal employment opportunity information. If you are selected for an interview, you will be contacted by phone or email.

What is the application deadline for the position for which I applied?
Faculty positions are open for application for a minimum of the posted application deadline and may close any time after that period. Occasionally positions will have a specific deadline, and if so, it will be identified in the posting. Otherwise, you may apply for any open and posted position.

What if I need an accommodation to apply for a position?
Please contact the Dean of Faculty Office for assistance.

I was interviewed for a position or came for a campus interview but have not heard back. How will I know if I was selected?
The length of time required to fill a position varies. Candidates will be contacted once a decision has been made.

Recommendation Letters

How does the recommendation part work?

The system emails a message to each of your recommendation providers, giving them a link to enter a recommendation for you in the system. The recommendation is connected to the job you apply for. If you apply for more than one position and name the same person as a recommendation provider on each application, that person receives a recommendation request for each application. This allows your recommendation provider to give information about you that is tailored to the job you apply for.

How do my recommenders get notified?

Our online application system is set up to receive letters directly from your recommenders, so there is no need to provide them with a mailing address. As you complete the online process, you’ll be prompted to enter the name and e-mail address of each of your recommenders. The system will automatically send each of them a message with instructions for uploading letters and information on obtaining assistance, if needed.

How do I know that my recommendation providers got the recommendation request?

The system does not have a way of determining this. You can contact your recommendation providers directly to let them know to look for an automated email from the system. It will come from a address. Some email systems will direct the message into the recipient’s junk mail folder.

How can I check the status of recommendation letters? Did my recommendation provider submit a letter?

Log into the Pitzer Job Portal and select your application under “Completed Applications,” and then select “Application Recommendation Requests” under the far right column labeled, “Application Materials.” This will bring you to a screen where you can view the e-mail address and letter status for each of your recommenders.

My recommendation provider hasn’t submitted a letter yet. How do I send a reminder?

  1. Log in to the application portal
  2. Select “Your Applications” in the left navigation bar
  3. Find your application under the heading “Completed Applications”
  4. Click on “Recommendation Requests” to the far right of the application listing
  5. Next to the name of recommender(s) who have not submitted a letter, click on the “Resend” button to generate a reminder e-mail.

Can I find out what my recommendation providers said?

No. Just as your application is confidential, your recommendation providers’ comments are also confidential.

Can my recommendation providers read each other’s comments?

No. People who provide recommendation providers’ can see their own comments, but they can’t see anybody else’s comments. They can’t see your application, either.

My recommender is having trouble uploading his/her recommendation.

Please ask your recommendation provider to contact for assistance.


How do I schedule an interview?
Applicants who are selected for an interview will be contacted by the search committee or a member of the Dean of Faculty’s office.

I would like to send a thank you note after the interview process. Where can I find the names and mailing addresses of the people who interviewed me?
Please email all post-interview communications to: Include your name and the title of the position for which you interviewed. We will ensure proper delivery of your correspondence.

How do I know if I am a final candidate?
Final candidates will be contacted by the search committee and notified of their status.

I received an email notifying me that I was not selected for the position to which I applied. May I contact the Search Chair, Human Resources, Faculty Recruiter or the Dean of Faculty Office for additional feedback?

The College does not provide additional feedback regarding your application materials or interview performance.