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Professor Donald McFarlane to Explore Indonesian Volcanic Lakes with National Geographic Grant

Tri-color volcanic lakes in IndonesiaClaremont, Calif. (February 12, 2018)—The National Geographic Society has awarded Professor of Biology and Environmental Science Donald McFarlane and a team of researchers a grant to explore three acidic lakes in Indonesia. Using a small, remote-controlled, sonar-equipped boat, the scientists will map uncharted lake beds and measure the scalding, sulfuric waters on the summit of [Read More...]
February 12, 2018
Press Releases

National Geographic Highlights Professor Don McFarlane’s Borneo Bat Cave Expedition

Claremont, Calif. (April 17, 2015)— In a new video posted by National Geographic, Professor of Environmental Science and bat ecologist Donald McFarlane takes viewers deep into prime bat habitat in Borneo’s Gomantong Caves. McFarlane teaches at the W.M. Keck Science Department of Pitzer, Claremont McKenna and Scripps Colleges. McFarlane narrates the short video, explaining his [Read More...]
April 17, 2015