17 Gaypril Events at the Claremont Colleges

Queer Resource Center of the Claremont Colleges logo of three overlapping purple, black, and white circles. Queer is in the purple circle. Resource center is in the black circle. Of the Claremont Colleges is in the white circle.Claremont, Calif. (April 6, 2023)—Every year, the Queer Resource Center (QRC) and Claremont Colleges celebrate a month of LGBTQQIAA Pride in April, often celebrated in June around the world. Pride Month is an opportunity for LGBTQ+ individuals to enjoy visibility and support while celebrating their identities and promoting awareness about issues surrounding the diverse intersections of queer identity. From movie nights to writing workshops to queer prom, you can find a variety of celebrations and activities for Gaypril 2023.
April 6, 2023