“Groove here until the tape is played”: Playing around in the Analogue World

Visiting Professor David GoldblattJuan Downey’s work is a lot things—interactive sculptures, hand drawn spreadsheets, happenings that combined audience, dancers and physical sculpture—but for me it is time travel. Maybe it’s the rack of old school light bulbs? Maybe it’s the rough cut chipboard they are mounted behind? Maybe it is their painfully slow reaction time, but when you walk into a room full of Juan Downey’s works, you will, if you were there first time around, be transported into an analogue world.
October 25, 2017
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Brazil and the Beautiful Game: Pitzer College Visiting Professor Discusses the National Impact of Soccer

David GoldblattClaremont, Calif. (January 24, 2014) — With the 2014 World Cup in Brazil five months away, Pitzer College Visiting Professor and international journalist David Goldblatt will speak about the South American country’s national identity and how it has been shaped by soccer. Goldblatt’s talk, “Futebol Nation: The Story of Brazil through Soccer,” takes place in [Read More...]
January 24, 2014