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US Congresswoman Honors Pitzer College Fulbright Scholars

Pitzer College Tree from logoClaremont, Calif. (December 21, 2018)—Pitzer College professors Daniel A. Segal and Suyapa Portillo Villeda ’96 received congressional recognition from US Congresswoman Judy Chu (CA-27), who honored 10 US Department of State Fulbright Award Recipients from California’s San Gabriel Valley on December 18. Segal and Portillo were both awarded 2017-18 Fulbright US Scholar Research Fellowships. “These [Read More...]
December 21, 2018
Press Releases

Pitzer Professor Daniel A. Segal Questions the Validity of Jane Goodall’s Link Between Chimpanzees’ Tool-Making Skills and Human Characteristics

Professor of Anthropology Daniel A. SegalClaremont, Calif. (March 2, 2018)—In a new article in Anthropological Quarterly, “Witnessing Chimpanzee-Human Closeness: Jane Goodall at Gombe and Since,” Pitzer College Professor Daniel A. Segal challenges primatologist Jane Goodall’s claim that her early observations of chimpanzee “tool-making” revealed a fundamental similarity between chimpanzees and humans. For several decades, this claim about the near humanness [Read More...]
March 2, 2018
Press Releases

Professor Daniel A. Segal to Serve as an Adviser of Open Hillel

Daniel SegalClaremont, Calif. (July 29, 2015)—Daniel A. Segal, the Jean Pitzer Professor of Anthropology and Professor of History at Pitzer College, has accepted an invitation to serve on the Academic Advisory Council of Open Hillel. Open Hillel is a student-run campaign that encourages inclusivity and open discourse about issues surrounding Israel and Palestine at campus Hillels. [Read More...]
July 31, 2015