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Pitzer’s Costa Rica Summer Health Program Celebrates 25 Years

Pitzer students stand in a group photo with ICADs staff and Ann Stromberg, who is on the far right with short gray hair.Claremont, Calif. (June 14, 2023)—What could a Pitzer study abroad experience look like? Imagine a summer when a lush cloud forest blankets the landscape; when Spanish flows as easily as water; when clinics, schools, and homes open their doors to a rich understanding of well-being in a country with almost universal healthcare. For 25 years, Pitzer’s Costa Rica Summer Health Program has provided students with experiences like these as they discover public health in a new context.
June 14, 2023
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Pitzer’s Firestone Center in Costa Rica Part of New UNESCO Biosphere Reserve

Monkey in a tree at the Firestone Center in Costa RicaClaremont, Calif. (July 17, 2017)—Pitzer College’s Firestone Center for Restoration Ecology in southwestern Costa Rica is now part of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’s newly designated Savegre Biosphere Reserve. The Savegre Biosphere Reserve is one of 23 sites UNESCO designated in June as biosphere reserves, which are defined as learning places for [Read More...]
July 17, 2017
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Testing the Waters

Drone boatProfessor Donald McFarlane’s New Research Surveys Volcanic Crater Lakes Claremont, Calif. (July 5, 2017)—Professor Donald McFarlane and a team of researchers are developing a new way to plumb the depths of volcanic crater lakes around the world. Adapting aerial drone technology, they designed and deployed a small sonar-equipped boat to survey Laguna Caliente, a lake [Read More...]
July 5, 2017
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Drone Research Documents Reforestation at Pitzer’s Firestone Center in Costa Rica

Claremont, Calif. (February 8, 2017)—Professor of Biology and Environmental Science Donald McFarlane has released data from a collaborative research project that used aerial drones to measure rates of reforestation at Pitzer College’s Firestone Center for Restoration Ecology in Costa Rica. The data, published in the article “UAV data for multi-temporal Landsat analysis of historic reforestation: a [Read More...]
February 8, 2017