Meet a Pitzer Student: Jan Bragado ’20

Jan Bragado ’20, a combined major in International Intercultural Studies and Sociology with a minor in Italian studies, talks about Pitzer College, her experience with Pitzer’s diversity program, and her continued pursuit to improve access and equity in higher education.


When I’m not in class, I definitely love getting involved on campus. I am a Resident Assistant and a Diversity Intern in the Office of Admission. I’m also an International Fellow at Study Abroad and International Programs. Being able to work with students like myself and with faculty who are passionate about helping students, has definitely allowed me to explore a world of possibilities and meet a lot of compassionate people that have inspired me and have contributed to my personal intellectual growth. My name is Jan Bragado and I am a combined major in Sociology, International Intercultural studies, with a minor in Italian Studies at Pitzer College. During my senior year of high school, I was able to get the opportunity to come to Pitzer for a diversity program. The Pitzer Diversity Program is a three-day, all expense paid trip for students from marginalized backgrounds and communities to come to Pitzer and really explore what it means to be a Pitzer student. I was able to see how passionate the student interns were, and the Admission staff. Fast forward to now, I was actually able to take the opportunity to become a Diversity Intern. Being a Diversity Intern has meant so much for my experience at Pitzer, not only with navigating spaces on campus, but really being able to reach out to students who are also very passionate about accessing equity to higher education. So, one of the biggest things that I’ve definitely noticed that has changed within me is the personal and intellectual growth. Every time I come into a room, I’m able to really show who I am and not be afraid and not be apologetic, because I know that I’ve gone through so much and have grown so much from my experiences. I’ve met so many wonderful people who are so inspiring, so passionate; I just love being in this environment of people who really care about the world and the people in this world. My name is Jan Bragado and I am a Pitzer student.

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