Pitzer Professor Phil Zuckerman Authors Seventh Book on Sociology and Secularity

Book Cover: What it Means to Be Moral
What it Means to Be Moral by Professor Phil Zuckerman

Claremont, Calif. (July 25, 2019)—Pitzer College Professor Phil Zuckerman’s seventh book, What It Means to Be Moral: Why Religion is Not Necessary for Living an Ethical Life (Counterpoint Press) will be released on September 20, 2019. Zuckerman teaches sociology and founded the secular studies program at Pitzer College

In What It Means to Be Moral: Why Religion is Not Necessary for Living an Ethical Life, Zuckerman argues that morality does not come from God. Rather, it comes from us: our brains, our evolutionary past, our ongoing cultural development, our social experiences and our ability to reason, reflect and be sensitive to the suffering of others. Through deconstructing religious arguments for God-based morality, and guiding readers through the premises and promises of secular morality, Zuckerman argues that the major challenges facing the world today—from global warming and growing inequality to gun violence and terrorism—are best approached from a nonreligious ethical framework. In short, we need to look to our fellow humans and within ourselves for moral progress and ethical action.

Zuckerman is a world-renowned secular studies scholar. His bibliography includes Society Without God (2008), which won ForeWord Magazine‘s silver Book of the Year Award, Faith No More (2011) and Living the Secular Life (2014) which was named “Best Book of 2014” by Publishers Weekly. In addition, he’s edited seven other books. His works have been translated into six languages including Chinese, Danish, Farsi, Italian, Korean and Turkish. His Pitzer College courses include Secularism: Local/Global and Sociology of Religion.

Hear Phil Zuckerman speak on his research and the study of secularity in this episode of Meet a Pitzer Professor: Phil Zuckerman.

The hardcover, ebook and audiobook of What It Means to Be Moral: Why Religion Is Not Necessary for Living an Ethical Life is currently available for pre-order through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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