Meet a New Pitzer Grad: Carlos Perrett ’18

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Video Transcript

There was this interest in wanting to learn more about other cultures, other places.

Being in the classroom is important, but it was also important to see that I mattered outside of the classroom, and at Pitzer I felt that.

My name is Carlos Perrett. I’m a third year student at Pitzer College studying political studies and Spanish. I came to Pitzer College because I fell in love with the core values. In addition to social responsibility. I really became fond of intercultural understanding.

I studied abroad the summer after my first year. While in Costa Rica, I grew very very fond of Costa Rican politics, specifically Costa Rican political parties. I ended up getting hired as a consultant for a local political party Curridabat. We were sort of able to come up with a plan to not only win office but also create long lasting relationships between the upcoming administration and the citizens.

I was so inspired by this work that the following summer I decided to return to Central America and work at the municipality working on something called Aula Dulce. Sweet Classroom was this initiative that the city took on to educate young folks on the importance of environmental sustainability.

When I first got to Pitzer, I had no idea what Global Local meant. It sort of seemed as this very strange concept to me that someone could go abroad, learn something and then apply it locally back home. It wasn’t until I went abroad that I really picked up on this idea. Most of the time I think people are doing really great things already and there’s a lot that we can learn from them.

My name is Carlos Perrett and I am a Pitzer student.

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