Pitzer College #1 in the Nation in Fulbright Scholarship Awardees

Claremont, Calif. (October 25, 2010) — The Chronicle of Higher Education ranked Pitzer College #1 among all U.S. liberal arts colleges in the “undergraduate college” category in its recent Fulbright Program results and rankings report. In the 2009-10 academic year, 23 Pitzer College students and alums were awarded Fulbright Fellowships.

The College ranked fifth overall after the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, Yale University, Brown University, Stanford University (tied) and University of Chicago.

“The success of this program at Pitzer is entirely credited to the hard work of our students and the amazing support they receive from faculty and staff,” said President Laura Skandera Trombley, “We are #1 in the country among liberal arts colleges and to be ahead of Harvard, Princeton, USC and UCLA is an incredible accomplishment by our small but talented community of learners, researchers and teachers.”

This year’s awardees included: Clinton Attaway ’10, Danielle Brown ’08, Josh Brown ’10, Chris Coughlin ’10, Hannah Dithrich ’10, Solamon Estin ’10, Elena Fanjul-Debnam ’10, Heather Halk ’10, Stephanie Hyland ’10, Amy Jasper ’10, Jennifer Johnson ’10, Misa Kabashima ’10, Caitlin Lacey ’10, Steven Liang ’10, Liz Lipschultz ’10, Kate McCrary ’10, Nick Perry ’09 (at-large winner,) Maya Rosas ’10, Yasuhiro Sekiyama ’10, Sean Sullivan ’10, Olivia Werby ’10, Elizabeth Williams ’10 and Eleanor Wolf ’10.

Pitzer’s accomplishment can be attributed to the study abroad opportunities and community engagement programs, internships and volunteer opportunities available through the College. Pitzer students earned over 100,000 hours of community engagement last year and 74% of the class of 2010 studied abroad.

“The vast majority of our students study abroad, often in immersive Pitzer programs. This gives such students a great head start. It is also the case that many of these same students are deeply involved in community engagement projects locally in Southern California. It is the synergy of immersive study abroad and local community engagement that makes our students so distinctive in the Fulbright applicant pool,” said Professor Nigel Boyle, Pitzer’s Fulbright Program advisor.

The International Institute of Education identifies three underrepresented groups as men, science majors and students of color. Among last year’s winners from Pitzer College were eight men, two science majors, nine students of color (three Asian America, three Latinas and three African American) and two non-traditional age students.

This is the seventh consecutive year Pitzer College ranks as the national leader in Fulbright Fellowships per thousand students.

A complete list of Chronicle of Higher Education’s ranking report is available at: https://chronicle.com/article/Table-Top-Producers-of-US/125073/

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The Fulbright US Student Program has provided over 290,000 students, scholars and professionals worldwide with the opportunity to observe political, economic and cultural institutions, exchange ideas and embark on joint ventures of importance to the general welfare of the world’s inhabitants.

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