Emeritus Professor’s Book Now Available in Chinese Edition

Claremont, Calif. (April 29, 2010) – Emeritus Professor Peter Nardi’s book, Interpreting Data: A Guide to Understanding Research, is now available in a Chinese edition, co-published by Pearson and Chongqing University Press. Nardi taught sociology at Pitzer College.

Written in non-technical, everyday language, this supplementary text is a quick guide to understanding data. Readers learn to work with graphs and tables found in popular and scholarly publications, and understand the output from statistical software. Statistics, tables, graphs, and figures discussed are presented in four steps: Defining it; describing where it should or should not be used, showing how it is used in a popular magazine or newspaper, academic journal, or in output from SPSS software; and discussing how to interpret its meaning.

This translated edition is currently only available in China.

Nardi is the author of four books including Doing Survey Research: A Guide to Quantitative Research Methods and over 35 articles. He was served as editor/co-editor of five publications.

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