Pitzer College Faculty and Staff Awarded BLAIS Grant

Claremont, Calif. (August 28, 2009) — Pitzer College’s faculty and staff, along with members of The Claremont Colleges, received a 2009 BLAIS Grant Award to complete the first phase of the Consortium for Area Revitalization Through Education (CARE) and launch its pilot program in North Long Beach.

Professors Martha Barcenas-Mooradian, Tessa Hicks Peterson, Edith Vasquez and Pitzer’s Center for California Cultural and Social Issues Assistant Director Sandra Mayo will collaborate with faculty and staff from the other Claremont Colleges in CARE. The goal of the program is to create a federally-funded pipeline that draws disadvantage minority students from elementary thought post-secondary education, to become the centerpiece for a model of school-centered community revitalization. The full implementation of the project will take place in three phases over eight years.

CARE’s overarching goals are to built a transdisciplinary consortium for Claremont College faculty and students interested in working on the SCCR project; raise tuition funds for 12 graduate students working and researching associated with the program; embark on a one year planning phase to develop the implementation and fundraising plans; work with community leaders of North Long Beach to implement SCCR; and assess its impact on student achievement another critical markers of community health including employment, child care, reduced gang violence, early childhood programming and other identified implementation goals.

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