Commencement Portrait Instructions

For the virtual commencement ceremony, name, major/minor, hometown, and a photo will be shown of each graduate.

The deadline to submit your photo has been extended. To ensure that your photo will be included in the Commencement presentation, please submit it as soon as possible.

Technical Requirements

  1. Photo should be JPG or PNG format.
  2. Size should be at minimum 600KB, 600×800 pixels, portrait format. The original highest resolution file you have is preferable.
  3. Rename your photo with your first and last name; i.e., Izzy_Doe.jpg

Photo Basics

  • Your photo should be a clear image of only you (not blurry, grainy, or fuzzy) against a nice background in good lighting.
  • Your photo should be a portrait (not landscape) photo that is correctly oriented or is large enough to be cropped to the correct dimensions.
  • Please, no selfies or screenshots.
  • No visible branding. Pitzer/Claremont Colleges/Sagehens are OK.
  • Your photo should not be too dark or too light.
  • If taken with a flash, make sure there is no redeye.
  • Do not wear dark glasses, a hat, or a mask that covers your face. Mortarboards are fine!
  • Do not alter your photo with filters, text, emojis, or stickers.
  • If you wear a head covering daily for religious reasons, adjust it to provide a full-face view.

Sample Acceptable Photos

Submit your photo and other information for Commencement by filling out the form on the following page.