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Biweekly Newsletter: March 15th – 19th

Series: Civic Change, Power, and Voice

In the coming weeks, TPP will be hosting a multi-part speaker series with speakers from across the civic activism fight. The series is aimed at shining light on alternate forms of making change, and the ways students can get involved. We’ll be joined by community organizers fighting for climate justice and police abolition, civic educators, elected officials and more. Want to learn about people using popular action to shape the future? Join us for the events. We’re excited to have you! To learn more, keep an eye on your inbox and visit the .Events Calendar for info on our upcoming events.

Upcoming Events

March 24: Hear from California Governor’s Office researcher Dana Nothnagel from 3-4pm PST as we discuss working in civic channels, activism inside and outside the system, the future of activism, and more. For more information, visit the People’s Pitzer Website and event calendar.

April 8: Join us on Zoom from 1-2pm PST for a conversation with Hamid Khan, campaign coordinator for the Stop LAPD Spying Coalition. For more information, visit the People’s Pitzer Website and event calendar.

Leadership Opportunities

Are you looking to make change at Pitzer and in wider communities? TPP is looking to recruit volunteer leaders for a host of positions. Leaders will gain experience and have the chance to shape civic engagement at the college. Positions are open for community outreach, management, communications, policy analysis, and more. Fill out this survey to receive more information.

In keeping with our mission of highlighting alternate forms of civic activism, we’re introducing a new newsletter section: Each week, we’ll give an explanation of a strategic principle, theory, or historical example proposed by community organizers and activists. These examples all come from Beautiful Trouble and its contributors, a movement of grassroots organizers making community organizing more accessible globally.  Learn more about them at their website. 

The Overton Window

as described in Beautiful Trouble

The Overton Window, named for think tank staffer Joseph Overton, is the limit of what is considered “acceptable” when examining public policy options.  Shifting this window allows for positions once considered radical to be placed within the window of reasonable options. Beautiful Trouble encourages raising the voices of platforms more extreme than one’s own to make the original goal appear more moderate (and closer to the acceptable mainstream) by comparison. While tricky to pull off, successfully shifting the window can benefit the public good and advance social causes through policy work.

Learn more about the Overton Window here.


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