Social Media & Communication

The Social Media and Communication pillar of engagement supports faculty and students working with community partners on building a stronger, vibrant online presence. At the CEC we support this form of engagement, whether it be through sharing social media campaigns, finding strategy for outreach or providing resources through course engagement, this form of involvement has been imperative to our community partners. You can find free resources/tools for developing social media content as well as our current and past student/partner collaborations
MS194: Media Arts for Social Justice Fall student production. See more about this project in our Fall 2020 Highlights.

Fall 2020 Highlights
MS194: Media Arts for Social Justice (Web design and Video Production)

During the Fall of 2020, students from Professor Gina Lambs Media Arts and Social Justice course collaborated with community partners in creating media content and support for their organizations. Below are a few examples of those collaborations.

Project Details: “Gia Banks Legacy” is a documentary that was released online in September 2020. This documentary was produced in the Spring MASJ class and promoted online prior to it’s release by students in the class.

To see past collaborations, check out our media resource pages.