Pre & Post-Elections Cross-divisional Resources for Staff and Faculty

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Pitzer Office of Student Affairs Resources

Staff and Faculty may access the following resources to assist in the support of students:

  • To connect with the Office of Students Affairs regarding student success resources and support services, please contact Assistant Dean and Case Manager Stephanie Hannant at
  • To reach the Student Affairs On-Call Dean 24/7 for consultation regarding a student of concern, please call Campus Safety at 909-607-2000.
  • Case Management and Reporting Students of Concern: Case management is available to support and consult with faculty, staff, parents and other individuals within the community to address the unique needs of students. Case Management supports students struggling with academic success, mental or physical health issues, relational and social struggles and other concerns.
  • Students may access free 7C Health 24/7/365 on-demand medical and mental telehealth visits for The Claremont Colleges students through Winter break. Students can reach a provider anytime, anywhere by visiting 7C.Health.
  • Fall 2020 Student Success Support Services & Resources

Resources from Project Pericles

  • From Nancy Thomas, Institute for Democracy and Higher Education (IDHE)
  • From the Students Learn Students Vote Coalition:
    • The Post-Election Campus Resource and Response Guide
      • More than 100 stakeholders in the student voting space convened to answer the question, “How might we prepare to support campus stakeholders in processing and responding to a tumultuous post-election season?” This document is a synthesis of their ideas. It contains resources for instilling confidence in election results, creating spaces for healing, holding spaces for dialogue, and more.
  • From Campus Election Engagement Project:
    • Post-Election Online Announcements
      • Faculty may want to address the election with their classes but given the constraints of online learning it may be difficult to hold conversations in real time with students. This contains prompts for faculty to post on discussion boards or announcement pages.