Inside-Out Outside Student Registration

You have come to this page because you are registering for an Inside Out class. You must complete the following before enrolling.

There are 4 steps to this process, The first 3 steps must be completed before attending the orientation, more instructions on each step is provided below:

  1. CDCR Volunteer Application and Service Agreement – must complete electronically. DO NOT PRINT.
  2. Copy of State Issued ID (Front and Back)
  3. TB test
  4. Completion of required certificate training
  5. Attend Mandatory Inside Out orientation: TBA


Step 1: CDCR Volunteer Application and Service Agreement

Once complete please submit the following document to your program Point of Contact. The document includes the following:

CDCR 966 (Rev. 01/21) Volunteer Application and Service Agreement– must complete electronically. DO NOT PRINT

  1. Completed CDCR 181 (Rev. 10/14) Primary Laws, Rules, and Regulations Regarding Conduct and Association with State Prison Inmates
  2. Completed CDCR 894 (Rev. 09/19) Emergency Notification Information
  3. Completed CDCR 7336 (Rev. 03/20) Employee Tuberculin Skin Test (TST) and Evaluation
  4. Completed CDCR 7354 (Rev. 07/15) TB Infectious Free Staff Certification
  5. CDCR 1049 (Rev. 08/08) Certification of Volunteer Participation (fill volunteer name and contact info only)
  6. Completed CDCR 8019 (06/20) Nepotism and Fraternization Policy Acknowledgment
  7. Completed CDCR 2301 (Rev. 05/20) PREA Policy Information for Volunteers and Contractors Part A
  8. Completed STD 910 (Rev. 10/2019) Essential Functions Health Questionnaire
  9. CDCR 1887 (Rev. 08/08) Parent Consent for Participation (if applicable)

Click the Sample Volunteer Application for a step by step guide on how to accurately complete your application.

Step 3: TB Test

Make an appointment at SHS (Student Health Services) to get TB test.

Annual Quiz results/Certificates for online training of:

  • Communicable Disease Prevention
  • Inmate/Staff Relations
  • Emergency Operations
  • Equal Employment Opportunity and Sexual Harassment Prevention

Annual DAI Volunteer OJT Modules (Only submit signed acknowledgements) for training of:

  • Fire Prevention and Life Safety
  • Information Practices Act
  • Prison Rape Elimination Act
  • Tuberculosis Testing Self-Education

Additional Required Documents

  • Valid Government ID card (photocopy front and back)

Formerly Incarcerated Persons, Parolees, and Probationers are required to attach documentation of at least one of the following:

  • Current employment
  • Participation in the community
  • Academic status
  • Volunteer status at another departmental institution.
  • If discharged, evidence of discharge from parole.

AND attach documentation of one of the following:

  • If you are a Parolee, Written Approval of the Regional Parole Administrator or designee.
  • If you are on Supervised Probation, Written Approval of the Chief of Probation Officer or designee.
  • If you are on Informal Probation, Written Approval of the court or representative of the court.
  • If you are on Discharged from Prison or Parole, a letter addressed to the Warden outlining the circumstances.

Note: All documents MUST be turned in together for tracking purposes.  Failure to complete thoroughly can result in a delay in the approval to enter the facility.     

The MANDATORY volunteer training IS completed online via the following link.  The password changes on a monthly basis.  If you are unable to log in, notify: Tyee Griffith– Manager for Justice Education.

Online Training (access via Edge):
Login ID: [email protected]
Password: [email protected]