Inside-Out Outside Student Information

Welcome to the Inside-Out Outside Student Information page. You will need to complete the following steps to be able to participate in the Inside-Out program. Complete the first 3 steps prior to the orientation.

Orientation | Students must attend 1 mandatory orientation. Below are the available orientation dates for the Fall.

  • Wednesday, August 30th 5-630p
  • Thursday, August 31st 5-630p

You must bring a printed copy of the following to the orientation:

  1. Complete Volunteer Application Package and Coversheet, and Volunteer Application and Service Agreement Coversheet
  2. Copy of State Issued ID (Front and Back)
  3. 4 Training Certificates from IST module and 4 pages from OJT module
  4. TB test


Step 1: CDCR Volunteer Application and Service Agreement

Once completed, please submit following documents to your program point of contact.

  • Volunteer Application Package and Coversheet
  • Volunteer Application and Service Agreement Coversheet (ensure the following items are completed in package) Please complete electronically, printed copies will not be accepted
    • CDCR 181 (Rev. 10/14) Primary Laws, Rules, and Regulations Regarding Conduct and Association with State Prison Inmates
    • CDCR 894 (Rev. 09/19) Emergency Notification Information
    • CDCR 7336 (Rev. 03/20) Employee Tuberculin Skin Test (TST) and Evaluation
    • CDCR 7354 (Rev. 07/15) TB Infectious Free Staff Certification
    • CDCR 1049 (Rev. 08/08) Certification of Volunteer Participation (fill volunteer name and contact info only)
    • CDCR 8019 (06/20) Nepotism and Fraternization Policy Acknowledgment
    • CDCR 2301 (Rev. 05/20) PREA Policy Information for Volunteers and Contractors Part A
    • STD 910 (Rev. 10/2019) Essential Functions Health Questionnaire
    • CDCR 1887 (Rev. 08/08) Parent Consent for Participation (if applicable)

Step 2: Identification

Photocopy of State Issued Identification, Front and Back

Step 4: Modules

  • CDCR Annual IST Modules
    • Communicable Disease Prevention
    • Inmate/Staff Relations
    • Emergency Operations
    • Equal Employment Opportunity and Sexual Harassment Prevention
  • DAI Volunteer Annual OJT Modules
    • Fire Prevention and Life Safety
    • Information Practices Act
    • Prison Rape Elimination Act
    • Tuberculosis Testing Self-Education

Step 4: TB Test

Make an appointment at SHS (Student Health Services) to get TB test.