Faculty Funding

Course Enhancement Awards (CEA)
The CEC offers Faculty support through CEA (Course Enchancement Awards) available at the beginning of each semester. This award for $500 helps by supporting Faculty teaching Social Responsibility Praxis and Theory courses, with materials, guest speakers, and transportation support. If you are interested in applying for the CEA. Important Dates:
Application Open: September 20TH-27th, 2019
Award Notifications: Last week of September

Reimbursements: All reimbursements must be submitted no later than two weeks past the end of the semester

Field Trips
The CEC offers Field Trip support to faculty teaching Social Responsibility Praxis courses. If you are planning a field trip for your course this semester, please apply for support at least 1 month before your field trip

Faculty Fellowship
This new opportunity by the Community Engagement Center (CEC) is meant to develop or deepen a relationship between Pitzer faculty teaching a social responsibility praxis (SRX) course and a community-based organization working on a specific project through course/partnership development support and project funding.
Course/partnership development support is served by way of consultation on a variety of components: syllabus creation, shared student learning outcomes with partners, etc. Project funding is given by way of stipends, award packages given to faculty intend to seed community-based projects/programs and relationships that will sustain engagement beyond the fellowship year. Part of this package gives faculty funding and the choice of a student research/teaching assistant, known as the “Junior fellow,” to support project and partnership development 5 hours a week. Faculty fellows supervise their Junior fellow and work together to oversee the execution of project goals within their SRX course and participate in activities with the community partner including meetings/project programming. This is a full academic year fellowship, October 1, 2019 – May 25th, 2019 (approximately 9 months minus breaks/holidays). This opportunity is limited to two Faculty Fellows per year.

For more information regarding the Faculty Fellowship please contact the CEC Program Administrator, Jonathan Chan at Jonathan_Chan@pitzer.edu