Social Media & Communication

Social Media is the sector of engagement related to building an online presence for community partners. In these times of global pandemic, it is imperative that we continue to explore alternative ways to support our community members and amplify the work of our community partners. Social media has become a powerful tool to not only rally people around social justice issues, but it also helps communities to keep momentum for social change movements and higher authorities accountable. At the CEC, we embrace this form of engagement, whether it comes by way of supporting a social media campaign or finding strategies for outreach, involvement is helpful for organizations that are spreading awareness about issues affecting communities in this critical time of action. Below, students, faculty, and staff will find free resources and tools for social media campaigns as well as past and current social media related project.


Students who are working in Media studies related classes  and students volunteers who are working on media related projects for community partners will find resources and tips for their projects. The CEC has worked on similar projects in the past, but social media support demand is increasing during COVID-19, so we hope these examples of projects will help students to find ideas for their projects.