Web Design

Our partner’s needs in the area of web design and blogging have increased in the past few months due to COVID-19. Many organizations are restructuring their websites and online presence to allow easy access to information, perform targeted outreach, and streamline distance programming. If you are interested in developing those skills and assisting local organizations with web design and blogging, you can find some tools here. 

Free Resources

 WordPress is one of the most popular website builders. You can use this tool to build a website, start a blog and so much more.Weebly is similarly another popular site that allows you to build a free website. It gives you access to customized web page design and useful tools as well.  If you are looking for another platform that will allow you to build your site, customize it, add advanced features, edit mobile view and optimize search engines, this is the perfect site.

Past Projects

Julia Bogany- To be visible 
Media art For social Justice students have helped to develop and update 5    C’s Tongva elder in residence’s website. “Julia Bogany leads six main workshops focusing on native Tongva traditions. The workshops focus on: Blanket storytelling, soapstone carving, clapper sticks, dream pillows, beading and basket making. ​Please visit Julia Bogany’s website to see the incredible work that she is doing in the community and how to support the Tongva community.

Huerta Del Valle Website Updates
Pitzer College students stay engaged with partners through different projects. For instance, Professor Gina Lamb’s students have been using online tools to update Huerta Del Valle’s website and increase its outreach. Non-profit organizations are known to be understaffed and underfunded, and this project was part of the continuous effort to support Huerta Del Valle’s needs in web-design assistance.

House of Awt Website and Social Media Update 
House of Awt is a project of community partners that provides support to young LGBTQ+ artists of color (15 to 25) through various forms of studio art training, and family centered art classes. Dr. Gina Lamb’s class Media Art for Social Justice has been updating House Awt social media platform contents including the website, Instagram and facebook.