Partner Resources

The Social Media, Arts & Communications pillar of the Community Engagement center is dedicated to supporting our community partners with any way we can. Here our partners can find the resources they need to continue the incredible work they provide for our community.

Spanish Translators

This resource contains profiles on students and community members who are available for live Spanish interpretation and document translation. Community partners may reach out to translators directly or email to be connected. CEC has limited funding available for translation services ($33/hr for document translation and $150/hr for live interpretation), fill out this form for funding requests. Please contact for more information.

Akiva Goren | Written Translation | Availability : During the week

Akiva speaks Spanish, Italian, and English. They learned Spanish as a child from a Spanish preschool and a Spanish babysitter. Their Spanish has remained strong due to yearly visits to Spain, where they mother’s family lives. They also ingest a lot of Spanish film and literature.

Joana Chai-Chang Azterbaum | Written Translation and Live Interpretation | Availability: Monday (10am-6pm), Tuesday (9am-6pm), Wednesday (12pm-6pm), Thursday (9am-12pm), Friday (9am-12pm and1pm-6pm) and available weekends upon request

Joana is a graduating senior in a self-design program at the intersection of Latin American and Caribbean Studies and Spanish/Portuguese languages.They advanced/fluent-Spanish speaking and have experience in written translations. They have recently done written translation work with the Translatin@ Coalition’s policy department – an LA area direct support service provider for refugee and incarcerated transgender folks, particularly serving folks from Central America. Joana also participated in Huerta’s farmer training program in Spring/Summer 2020 so they familiar and have been involved with the community.

Ivette Torres | Written Translation and Live Interpretation | Availability: Tuesday and Thursday mornings, Monday and Wednesday mornings except between (9:35am-10:50am), and any day during the week after 4:30pm

Ivette is a native Spanish Speaker

Danilo Estigarribia Gamarra | Written Translation and Live Interpretation | Availability: Monday and Wednesday (after 1pm), Tuesday and Thursday (8am-10:45am and 1pm-4pm), and any time Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Danilo is a native Spanish speaker and manages an advanced level of English (104 TOEFL score).

Ari Wood | Written Translation | Availability: Weekdays after 5pm

Ari has experience doing Spanish document translation in a professional setting, creating graphics, flyers, and websites in Spanish for community organizations.

Pamela Chavez | Written Translation and Live Interpretation | Availability: fairly flexible schedule

Pamela is fluent in both Spanish/English and has worked as an interpreter in many different positions, mostly with students and families in the Richmond, Watsonville, Santa Maria, CA areas who are native Spanish speakers and immigrants.They have also worked with populations of indigenous speakers whose Spanish is their second language, native dialect being their first (Mixteco).

Jack Friedman | Written Translation and Live Interpretation | Availability: dependent on needs

Spanish is Jack’s first language, they were raised 100% bilingual and biliterate in English and Spanish. They are not a heritage speaker and are not culturally from a Spanish speaking country. They do hope you prioritize students who are. That being said, Jack has experience in translation, mostly document translation.

Diego Villegas | Written Translation and Live Interpretation | Availability: Wednesday and Thursday after 3pm, Friday after 4:20pm and Monday after 4pm

Diego is a native Spanish Speaker

Marcos Lavarello | Written Translation and Live Interpretation | Availability: Monday after 4pm, Friday 11am-1pm and after 4pm, and Sunday after 4pm. Can be flexible

Marcos’ experience includes being a native Spanish speaker. They grew up in Argentina until a few months ago. They also have a high school diploma on Spanish Studies and an IB diploma in Spanish Literature A