Storytelling is how we access the emotional – or moral – resources for the motivation to act on those ends (Brugeggemann 1978). From the farm workers movement to the LTBTQ movement, there is always a great story behind every social movement. In these times of global health, these an increase need to help partners tell stories of communities that are affected by all the social issues that came to light through this crisis. Below you will find tolls that will allow you to participate in storytelling projects.

Free Resources

It will give you tools to turn data and information into stunning and comprehensive graphics, micrographics, and other data representing visualizations. Flipsnack is an easy to use platform that will help you create your beautiful and mobile friendly ezines using the simplest design tools
AnimakerImgflip Meme Generator
This platform will allow you to create animations and live-action  videos without previous experiences in animation. 
 It is a simple tool to produce customized memes for storytelling purposes.