Media Graphics

Media Graphics:

Here are some frree resources to create your own media graphics such as flyers, posters, stickers, and image-centered social media posts as well as current requests and past examples from our partner’s media graphics needs. With these tools you can create flyers and infographics for projects with no skills needed in design.

CANVA | Includes free graphics, stock photos and the ability to create flyers, social media posts and more!

PITKOTOCHART | This website gives you free tools and templates to make infographics and flyers for events and presentations.

POSTERMYWALL | With Postermywall you can create flyers in a minute using thousands of free templates and no skills needed

SPARKPOST | Includes free graphics, stock photos and the ability to create flyers, social media posts, vides and more! You can download a free version on your phone!


In the past decade, podcasts have become one of the most effective ways to teach and learn with high quality and relevant content. This is a great tool to not only to share your knowledge on relevant social justice issues but also connect them to theories. Below, you will find free resources to help you create a podcast as well as projects that might give you insight on how to create podcasts. If you need technical assistance for your project, please email Eddie Gonzalez. 

BUZZSPROUT | Buzzsprout will give you everything you need to host, promote and track your podcast

PODBEAN | PodBean is a great tool to host and manage podcasts. It is powering podcasts for top education institutions

LIBSYN | Libsyn is one of the simplest ways for podcasters to publish audio to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever your audience listens with one click

This video guides you through the equipment needed for a solo podcast and a multiple-microphone podcast, audio recording tips, audio editing software, and finally how to publish your podcast.

Video Productions:

There is a growing number of media platforms that use video illustration to educate, inform, and/or raise awareness on pressing issues. Here, you will find simple and free online tools to help you edit video materials for your remote community engagement work. If you need technical assistance for your project, please email Eddie Gonzalez

OPENSHOT (Windows/Mac/Linus) | OpenShot is an easy to use Video Editor software, quick to learn, with surprisingly powerful video features and capabilities.

VSDC (Windows) | Use this free video software to create and edit videos. Cut, merge, apply visual and audio effects. VSDC is available on Windows only.

LIGHTWORKS (Windows/Mac/Linus) | Lightworks is a simple and intuitive user interface that can get you up the speed in creating video content, including a huge set of tutorials and tools for video editing.

KINEMASTER (Android/iOS) | Want to make incredible videos on your phone tablet, or Chromebook? KineMaster is an easy-to-use, full-featured video editor loaded with powerful tools.

Web Design:

Many organizations are restructuring their websites and online presence to allow easy access to information, perform targeted outreach, and streamline distance programming. If you are interested in developing those skills and assisting local organizations with web design and blogging, you can find some tools here. 

WORDPRESS | WordPress is one of the most popular website builders. You can use this tool to build a website, start a blog and so much more.

WEEBLY | Weebly is similarly another popular site that allows you to build a free website. It gives you access to customized web page design and useful tools as well.

WIX | If you are looking for another platform that will allow you to build your site, customize it, add advanced features, edit mobile view and optimize search engines, this is the perfect site.


Storytelling is how we access the emotional – or moral – resources for the motivation to act on those ends (Brugeggemann 1978). From the farm workers movement to the LTBTQ movement, there is always a great story behind every social movement. In these times of global health, these an increase need to help partners tell stories of communities that are affected by all the social issues that came to light through this crisis. Below you will find tolls that will allow you to participate in storytelling projects.

VENNGAGE | It will give you tools to turn data and information into stunning and comprehensive graphics, micrographics, and other data representing visualizations.

FLIPSNACK | Flipsnack is an easy to use platform that will help you create your beautiful and mobile friendly ezines using the simplest design tools

ANIMAKER | This platform will allow you to create animations and live-action  videos without previous experiences in animation. 

IMGFLIP MEME GENERATOR | It is a simple tool to produce customized memes for storytelling purposes.

Past Examples:
CEC office assistants made this flyer as part of the yearly Toy Drive campaign for Prototypes Women Center. 
Here is another flyer created for the Pomona Economic Opportunity Center’s MISA JORNALERA food drive 

This wonderful flyer was created for TFAC’s  2019-2020 student recruitment.