The Social Media, Art and Communication pillar of engagement supports faculty and students working with community partners on building a stronger, vibrant online presence. At the CEC we support this form of engagement, whether it be through sharing social media campaigns, finding strategy for outreach or providing resources through course engagement, this form of involvement has been imperative to our community partners. You can find free resources/tools for developing social media content as well as our current and past student/partner collaborations


Pitzer College’s Artist-Activist in Residence program invites one resident per academic year to collaborate with the Community Engagement Center to provide programming related to advancing justice through use of the arts. This can include anything from poetry, dance, music, murals, graphic design, film, and more. The purpose of this program  is to further enrich and deepen the collective learning of the college by upholding our core values of social responsibility and interdisciplinary learning. The program also provides skill-building through individual and collective applied-learning in campus community-based settings. Being an expert in a specific artistic medium and its application to active change-making, the resident has opportunities to work with social responsibility praxis courses, implementing their own curriculum for workshops, and participating in public events and campus legacy projects.

This year’s Artist-Activist in Residence, David/Judah1, is also the Inaugural Poet Laureate for the City of Pomona. David/Judah1 is an accomplished poet and author of two published books of original poetry. He is the Co-Host and Founder of LionLike MindState Poetry and Art Series at the Pomona Fairplex. He has been a long-standing member of several slam poetry communities, participating in several local and regional events. Some of David’s/Judah1’s participation and experience include: member of the Los Angeles Slam Team 2005 and 2006; Coach and SlamMaster of the Empire MindState Poetry Slam Team of Pomona 2009 and 2010 – leading his team of poets to 2nd in the nation. As an entrepreneur, David/Judah1 owned and operated the now legendary machine, Pomona Art Gallery in the Pomona Arts Colony from 2011 to 2014. For this work, he was awarded a full scholarship to further his education at Pitzer College. He has been an Art Consultant for the Ontario Montclair School District since 2012.

David/Judah1 has taught poetry at every level of education spanning kindergarten to college and university workshops, even beyond bars and barriers as an art instructor for the prison education program. David has taught poetry to inmates at Chino Men’s and Women’s Prison, Norco Rehabilitation Center for Men, and Camp Glen Rocky Detention Camp for Boys in San Dimas. Fun fact: He is a licensed minister and has officiated 15 weddings! David/Judah1 was recently unanimously voted to serve on the Pomona Arts and Culture Commission as a citizen advisory committee member. He is the Director of Visual and Performance Arts at the new African American Advisory Alliance Community Center in downtown Pomona.

This year, David Judah will be partnering with Stephanie Liu-Rojas’ Writing Center Theory & Praxis class (WRIT100) and Multilingual Writing class (WRIT101) in addition to Gina Lamb’s Media Arts for Social Justice class (MS194) and Sherman Indian High School. He will facilitate poetry and writing workshops, create print poetry collections, host poetry slams, make a legacy piece to remain at the college, and work on other collaborative projects.

To contact David/Judah1, please email him at and visit his website to learn more about his work. Also, be sure to check out his spoken word performance, Pomona is Poetry!

Social Media, Art & Communication Resources

Fall 2020 Highlights

MS194: Media Arts for Social Justice (Web design and Video Production)

During the Fall of 2020, students from Professor Gina Lambs Media Arts and Social Justice course collaborated with community partners in creating media content and support for their organizations. Below are a few examples of those collaborations.

Project Details: “Gia Banks Legacy” is a documentary that was released online in September 2020. This documentary was produced in the Spring MASJ class and promoted online prior to it’s release by students in the class.

MS194: Media Arts for Social Justice Fall student production. See more about this project in our Fall 2020 Highlights.
Ada Cohen, PZ’22
Major | Media Studies
Minor | Political Studies

Ada believes that narratives have the power to shift thought, and consequently action. Today, media constitutes the primary means of communication and therefore the primary tools for how we craft social and political narratives. The Social Media, Art, and Communication pillar is dedicated to connecting Pitzer’s faculty and students with our community partners so that all have access to the resources they need to share their actions, needs, and of course, narratives. Since arriving at Pitzer, Ada has learned about the importance of community-led media– media movements driven by and for the communities themselves– and was thrilled to find the Community Engagement Center establishing this pillar to promote just that. In her free time, Ada enjoys cooking and being outside with friends and family.