The Social Media, Art and Communication pillar of engagement supports faculty and students working with community partners on building a stronger, vibrant online presence. At the CEC we support this form of engagement, whether it be through sharing social media campaigns, finding strategy for outreach or providing resources through course engagement, this form of involvement has been imperative to our community partners. You can find free resources/tools for developing social media content as well as our current and past student/partner collaborations

Student Community Art Fund | Application

$50 Awards | 10/semester
Fall Application | November 9th-November 30th, 2022
Spring Application | TBA
The Student Community Art Fund aims to remove barriers for students embarking upon community-based creative endeavors.

This fund supports student art projects that are created in community, building community, or celebrating a community that is significant to the student.

This includes:

  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • Photography
  • Fashion
  • Textiles
  • Digital Art
  • Video Art
  • Performance
  • Music
  • Crafting
  • Writing
  • and more!

Recipients are eligible to receive up to $50 for their projects. Students are strongly encouraged to attend the gallery showcase event in the Spring to celebrate and build community with one another.

Social Media, Art & Communication Resources

Social Media, Art & Communication Leadership Team

Ada Cohen, PZ’22
Major | Media Studies
Minor | Political Studies

Ada believes that narratives have the power to shift thought, and consequently action. Today, media constitutes the primary means of communication and therefore the primary tools for how we craft social and political narratives. The Social Media, Art, and Communication pillar is dedicated to connecting Pitzer’s faculty and students with our community partners so that all have access to the resources they need to share their actions, needs, and of course, narratives. Since arriving at Pitzer, Ada has learned about the importance of community-led media– media movements driven by and for the communities themselves– and was thrilled to find the Community Engagement Center establishing this pillar to promote just that. In her free time, Ada enjoys cooking and being outside with friends and family. 

Sia Were, PZ’ , She/Her
Major | Undecided

Hi! My name is Sia, and through photography I wish to show how spaces that can have vastly different cultures are connected. What I have found is that the use of photography helps visualize these beautiful connections. It is with photography we see the links in our civilization; in fact, photography is a form of representation and reflection. What is more, I am very excited to be part of the SMAC Team, where I am working in the CEC department, a place that really facilitates a space where I can exercise this skill!