Important Forms and Resources

Student Intake/Outtake Forms and Orientation Survey

The CEC values student input. By completing these surveys you are providing us with:
+ Valuable feedback that will inform our practice of social justice and will help us improve the services we provide to our partners.
+ Statistical data that will assist in securing funds to continue our existing programs, help launch new programs, and provide support to our partners.
+ Evaluation materials will assist with WASC accreditation and other institutional processes that are vital to the operation of Pitzer College and CEC's continued existence.

If you are taking an SRX course or planning on engaging in community engagement, you must attend one of our Ethics and Orientation Training. You will only need to complete the Ethics and Orientation Training once an calendar year (ex. if you completed it in the fall, you will need to attend the following fall semester.) All students must complete a new intake and outtake form each semester they plan on engaging in community engagement. For more information or questions, please reach out to

At the end of each semester, students who have completed the student intake form will be required to complete the student outtake form by the last week of classes. This form will be sent out to students through email, so please be on the look out.

Clearance Forms

Depending on where you will be completing your community engagement, your community partner may require you to be cleared. Below are some quick easy steps to complete that process!

  • Request for Live Scan Clearance Form
  • You DO need to fill out all of your personal information; first name, last name and middle name (if applicable), citizenship information, social security number and residence information. Failure to complete may result in delays in being cleared.
  • You DO NOT need to include the OCA or Billing Account on your form.
  • For questions related to clearance, please contact
  • For questions related to reimbursement for clearance, please contact Jackie Contreras.

Campus Safety is now offering live scan services on campus. To make an appointment please email Cindy Cahill from Campus Safety Live Scan Services.

The Claremont Colleges Services
Campus Safety

150 E. Eighth Street, Claremont, CA 91711

QUICK CEC Tips for Excellent Remote Community Engagement!

Community Engagement Intern Tracker

Here is an easy way to keep track of your community engagement hours for the semester! With fillable cells you will have no problem making sure you are meeting your course requirement!

Weekly Internship Time Sheet