COVID Testing

Find information on COVID tests, how to schedule an appointment to get tested, and COVID safety while getting tested here!

What COVID tests are available to me and what do they test for?

There are two types of COVID tests available to the general public: the Rapid Antigen Test and the Molecular Test

Rapid Antigen Tests
  • Less accurate (higher chance of false negatives)
  • Detects virus proteins (antigens) and can diagnose COVID-19
  • Results in 15-30 minutes
Molecular Test (AKA rt-PCR, viral test, NAAT, or LAMP)
  • Most accurate + CDC recommended
  • Looks for virus RNA presence and can diagnose COVID-19
  • Results in 1-7 days based on location

Where can I get COVID tested?

  • 5C Student Health Services Covid Testing at the Tranquada Building
    • Rapid and PCR testing available to students, faculty, and staff of the Claremont Colleges
    • Call (909)621-8222 to schedule an appointment
    • Tranquada Student Services Center- 1st Floor, 757 College Way, Claremont, CA 91711
    • General information about testing at SHS

COVID safety while getting tested

Check out our Mini COVID-19 Testing and Safety Guide (English & Spanish versions available!) for more information on COVID tests, steps to take when receiving a positive test result, developing symptoms, or after having close contact with someone with COVID-19, and additional resources!

If you would like 20 or more hard copies of the guide in either language, we have some funding to provide these to you. Please email us at and tell us how many you want/need and where we should mail them or drop them off.