There is no shame in contracting COVID-19. If you test positive and have been in recent contact with a community partner, it is imperative you notify them immediately. Community partners know to do the same as well. Please contact the Pitzer Nurse immediately if you’ve tested positive for COVID-19

Visiting Pitzer? Fill out the surveys on Healthy Pitzer prior to your arrival on campus:

CEC guidelines for community engagement and COVID-19

  • What tests are available to me?
  • What do they test for?
  • Where can I get tested?
  • COVID Safety while getting tested
  • What vaccines are available to me?
  • What do they do?
  • Where can I get vaccinated?
  • COVID Safety after being vaccinated
  • General Best Practices and CDC Guidelines
  • Guides on COVID testing, safety, and vaccination
  • Mental and Physical Health Resources
  • Long COVID
  • Hotline Resources

For more questions related to testing, vaccinations and general safety practices, please contact the Pitzer Nurse. For all other questions, concerns or resources, please contact the CEC.