Community Pillars

Below are our community pillars, including:
Tutoring, Mentoring, and College AccessSocial Media and Communication
In this area of engagement the CEC will provide programmatic support to community partners who are addressing education equity issues in our community through tutoring, mentorship, and similar programs. This support will be provided through student recruitment campaigns, student engagement and technology support for community partners, and student clubs  to facilitate remote programming.Social Media and Communications is the sector of engagement related to building an online presence for community partners. Whether supporting a social media campaign or finding strategies for outreach, involvement is helpful for organizations that are spreading awareness about issues affecting communities in this critical time of action.
Civic EngagementCommunity Organizing and Direct Action
Civic engagement is a key component to advancing legislative policy and social change with our communities. By participating in activities like letter writing, voter drives, legislative campaigns, and community organizing, students will learn how to connect local issues to broader state, federal, and global issues through practical experience and skill development.
There are actions you can take every day to be in support of our communities, from petitions and phone banking to legal support, training, and more. Here we provide resources, information, and guides to support direct actions, community organizing, and coalition building.